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Best Parenting Podcast!

Hi there folks! This one is a gem! Funny, practical, real. Like sitting in a room with two witty, educated, modest and funny friends. The kind of friends that are really rare and high quality! Honest and funny and going through the same parenting challenges we all face. This podcast makes me LOL and is an absolute MUST SUBSCRIBE!!! “From an Oldilocks Mom”

Fun and helpful!

I feel like I am listening to my friends! Great podcast!

Refreshing podcast

I stumbled upon this while browsing and I really enjoy listening!

Love it!

This podcast is one of my favorites! Amy and Margaret are a great balance of funny and real, and listening to them makes me feel like I’m part of a bigger community of moms who are all going through the same or similar things.

Funny and useful

It’s nice to hear your own experience reflected back at you by two funny smart women. I appreciate their insight for how motherhood changes as your kids grow.

The best parenting podcast

This is the best and most relatable parenting podcast. I have listened to every episode! These moms know what’s up. 💯

Husband approved! ;)

Normally I listen to podcasts by myself in the car, but occasionally my husband is along for the ride. He has listened to a couple episodes with me and agrees that “these ladies are funny!” He’s not a huge fan of motherhood podcasts (shocking!), but thinks you have some great real-life advice and insight.

Old mom, young kid

I am a mid 40s mom with a 5 year old. So I already have a pretty great sense of humor... but these ladies just seem to 'get it'. Even when they don't see eye to eye with each other, it's so awesome to hear different perspectives on the lastest trending topics. Meg goes with her gut, and Amy has LOADS of research to back up any statements... But my favorite...the thing that absolutely gets me EVERY TIME...is the 'Oldilocks Alert' (Back in my day). So funny...Keep up the good work ladies!

I don't even have kids and I love it

So I don't even have kids yet but I am planning to soon and I was looking for a podcast with some good mom advice / wisdom. I listened to quite a few on a long road trip and this is the only one I have continnued to listen to after I returned from said road trip. Amy and Margaret are hilarious and actually give good advice. I have been making some notes about ideas and 'hacks' they share when it comes to kids and motherhood. My favorite from Margaret, "the 1000 years rule."

My favorite parenting podcast

I love the hard data brought by Amy. I also love that they don't shy away from pushing back on things that don't make complete sense. They are not afraid of a difference of opinion and do it respectfully. Love the realism of life represented!

Thank you!

So glad this podcast is out there, blending humor and motherhood. There is so much advice out there and outlets that make you feel like you’re doing things all wrong. But these ladies talk about their successes, their failures and the reality of it all. They make it all so very relatable, which is something we all need! Keep it up!

Entertaining, Comical and Useful!

I love this podcast! I get useful parenting advice but also a few much-needed laughs. I can totally relate to these moms and feel like I have had a talk with friends after listening in. I just discovered the podcast a few weeks ago and have binge listened. Keep the episodes coming please!


Finally a mom podcast by two hosts who keep it real. Down with the party bag favors!!

Love it !

I found this podcast a few weeks ago and I’m binging on it . They are funny and full of great info. I love how the presenters sometimes differ on a topic which reminds me of many conversations I have had with my mum friends. Great podcast !

The No mom shame podcast

I love this podcast. It has a bit of everything in parenting. Their sponsor breaks and mid show skits are so funny. My mother passed away right before I started my journey into marriage and motherhood. Listening to Margaret is like listening to my mom's advice, really practical and funny. I know my mom would have said the same thins. I'm on the west coast and I love hearing about the east coast culture and living in NY. I love Amy's studies.

Everything I want in a podcast

I love this podcast. I’m now throwing out my kindergarten’s school artwork guilt-free! 😁

Binge Worthy

I have been binge listening to these two for the past week and I can’t get enough !!!! I am going to be so depressed when I listen to them all and I have to wait a week for my next fix. I laugh out loud while getting amazing tips to make it through the day with my two young boys. Best mothering podcast I’ve ever got hooked on!

My favorite!

I wait for this cast every week. Amy and Margret are hysterical and I live Margret’s “old school” parenting and “oldielicks” alerts! Thank you for my weekly dose of real parenting!


Love listening to these gal's! Let's me breath a little with my parenting 😊

Highlight of my week

This podcast makes me laugh, but it’s also full of really useful information. The hosts’ personalities and approaches to situations are different so their discussion is well-rounded and interesting. I’m glad I found it and it’s the first thing I listen to the day it drops.

Best Mom Podcast!

This show is a refreshing take on being a mom. Amy shares tidbits of interesting research while Margaret pokes fun at the modern day style of overprotective, lets be best friends with our kids parenting. I find myself agreeing with both hosts and laughing often.

The best!

I have been listening to this podcast for about six months and it is my absolute favorite. And I’ve “dated” quite a few motherhood podcasts. I have three kids ages1,4 and 7. I feel like they are my tribe. They are hilarious but also offer really solid advice for navigating motherhood and co-parenting. I love them!

Saving my commute!

I listen to this podcast on my way to work after dropping off my 2 small kids. It gets me smiling the whole way. I’ve made my husband listen to episodes with me. I still laugh when I think about a toddler unpacking a shelf with “grim determination.” Thanks Margaret and Amy.

Love Thais but auto tune?

Love love this podcast. I love the topics and the way they are set up with a funny break in the middle. I love the guest voices and personal stories. The sound quality has improved as the episodes go on but for some reason it still sounds like they’re using auto tune. It’s just a small quirk that drives me crazy and I don’t know if other people can hear it or if it’s just me!

The highlight of my day when I listen!

These ladies are just killing it! Hilarious, thoughtful and smart discussion about all the parenting topics. Even when it’s a topic I don’t think will apply to me, I end up thoroughly enjoying it and also getting something useful out of it. They are sensible and real and so so funny. Love it!

Valuable and entertaining for any mom

I'm so glad I found this podcast! The back and forth between Amy and Margaret is enthralling, I find myself literally laughing out loud and I always leave with valuable take-aways. I have a 1.5 and 2.5 year old and hearing lessons learned or what has and hasn't worked in their families is a nice 'been there, done that' perspective for me. It gives me a road map for going forward with my own little ones, and even some gentle affirmation that I might be doing some of this right. I also really love the bonus content on the website and links to the sources they site. Definitely recommend!

Must Have Podcast for Moms

I love Margaret and Amy’s odd couple sort of dynamic and their down to earth, FUNNY attitudes. It’s so fun and refreshing. I have recommended the podcast to every parent I know and thanked my friend for recommending it to me. The comedy bits in the middle are awesome!


Love this podcast! I binged all the episodes on my commute over a couple weeks. Love that there is practical advice but also humor and reality. The hosts are refreshingly honest and genuine and entertaining. I also like that they are a little older themselves (like me) and give advice for families with older than toddler kids. The researched expert advice is nice contrasted with or to enhance the real world application/opinion. One of my favorite podcasts. Would highly recommend it!

Very insightful

I have made my partner listen to episodes because it nails an issue we had just been talking about (what’s up with toddlers? What’s up with teens? We have both...). Possibly my favorite thing, though, is when the hosts quote their own moms’ catch phrases or aphorisms. There is something about that honed wisdom from the ages that I find very comforting.

Love love love

Real motherhood, real talk, lots of laughs. I love it!