What Fresh Hell



Recommend to Every Mom

I started listening to WFH about 6 months ago, and now I don’t miss a show. I’m Actually going back thru the archives so I don’t miss anything, they are so funny, real and provide a good range of parenting views. Thanks Margaret & Amy!

Virtual mom friends

Thank you for this podcast, great info plus laughs.


I feel safe here

Can’t get enough!

I am very discerning when it comes to podcasts and how I spend my time, but I cannot get enough of this show. They’re both so grounded, intelligent and hilarious. I could listen to them talk about absolutely anything, but I’m so grateful that the topics are so pertinent to my life right now. Every parent should listen to this show!

Can't say enough good things

I recommend this podcast to all my mom friends...and random moms I meet. 😂 It's my go-to listen while I do any house work or long drives. I'm always excited when a new episode drops and have gone back to old episodes while I wait for the new ones. Margaret and Amy are a great balance of humor, wisdom, & relatability. I never feel judged and always walk away feeling encouraged and validated.

Very relatable in providing practical advice

One of my favorite parenting podcasts. Amy and Margaret are funny and they provide practical advice. I recommended it to my sister in law and she doesn't miss an episode now, her baby is only few months old. Ask Margaret or amy are my favorite too

So great!

I love this show! Not only do they have great experts and real important topics, but do it with a sense of humor and relatability that all moms (or other parents!) can relate to! They make parenting just a little easier.


Great banter and it really helps with parenting


I don’t know if my last review worked! I think it cut off. Anyways, was just saying amy and Margaret are the big sisters I never had. Love them and the pod!

Love both of them!

They both are funny, give great advice. I want to be friends with both of them. They Discuss wide range of topics and always have opinions, facts, and advice. I’ve been bingeing since I found them.

Perfect blend of funny and being real.

I stumbled upon this podcast one day when I was craving more content from a different mom podcast. Today, it’s the one I look forward to the most! Thanks for being so real, entertaining and for giving me a bit of a break from mommying all day as I work from home due to this pandemic!

Funny, witty, sweet

They're hilarious and have great chemistry. If your mom life is missing comedy (aren't we all?!?) this is the show!

So helpful and fun

I mean, I wouldn’t listen if it wasn’t fun. I also really appreciate hearing that it gets better.


I was looking for a podcast about anger and parenting- this definitely touches on the frustrations of parenting and how to navigate its complexities.

Excellent podcast for parenting advice

Amy and Margaret do an incredible job making each topic relatable and throwing in just the right amount of humor. They are wonderful to listen to and commiserate with whenever your children are driving you crazy! I love that they research each topic thoroughly and invite guests who are leading researchers in their prospective fields.


This show is my favorite! It's amazing along with toddler perguatory. Thank you for making something so relatable that makes me feel heard as a sahm with two boys.

Humor, Advice & Solidarity

Perfect balance of humor, practical advice and stories that give solidarity in the ups and downs of parenting. Been listening for years and love Amy & Margaret! Highly recommend!

I love these ladies, so funny and informative

I love to listen to this podcast. They are so hilarious and very helpful with parenting information. I look forward to every episode. I highly recommend this podcast!

Part of my therapy portfolio!

I couldn’t be happier I found this podcast. I’m a little bit Amy and a little bit Margaret, and I just love the wise and hilarious banter these ladies offer to me as a SAHM. I go from laughing hysterically at their personal anecdotes, to sobbing at times when I feel deeply validated, and learning something EVERY time I tune in. I truly believe listening to this podcast has improved my mental health, and has allowed me to give myself much more grace as a mom. I look forward to and delight in each new episode. Thank you so much, and please keep up the excellent work!

The best parenting podcast!

I never miss an episode! Amy and Margaret are so honest about motherhood and bring not only humor, but really greasy advice. I really look forward to each episode!

Just perfect amount of advice and entertainment

I’ve been listening Amy and Margaret for years now. I get so much from every episode During the pandemic they’ve been one of my sources of happiness. :) thank you ladies.

Great podcast

I love this parenting podcast! There is always lots of helpful information while making me laugh and not take things too seriously.

Love it!

I listen to your podcast everyday and I love every episode! I work full time and have a one year old daughter. I had my daughter right as the pandemic lock down started and have never felt so alone. This podcast has really helped me to not feel alone on my journey as a mother.

So relatable!

Since I discovered this podcast, I don’t think there has been one episode that I couldn’t find something to relate to- and their humor reminds me to take a step back and laugh at the absurdity of motherhood.

The best mom podcast

I look forward to this podcast every week— funny, relatable and I always learn something. Love these ladies!

So funny and helpful!

I LOVE this podcast!! I subscribe to a lot of parenting among other podcasts and this is definitely my favorite. It is super funny, down to earth, and very helpful to me as a mother. So entertaining and enjoyable!

Love love love

Love this podcast. I always learn something and get a laugh or two out of it.

So funny, yet so helpful!

Love how Amy and Margaret give motherhood an comedic voice, but honestly give practical and balanced advice. It’s a must listen!

Y’all are the best!

I’ve tried many parenting podcasts and yours is hands down the best. You have a great banter and balance. I appreciate the variety of topics and the tempo of each show is a nice constant- it feels like listening to good friends! (Also, thank you for making it clean so that I never have to worry about inappropriate language) I look forward to you two sharing “research and screes” each week!😁


So funny and informative!! I send to all my mama friends 💓

My FAVORITE podcast

I am SOOOO glad I found this podcast. Margaret and Amy are so real and relatable. I feel like I am sitting and chatting with a few friends when I listen to this podcast. They just tell it how it is. Best podcast ever, do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast.

Laughing and learning? Yes please!

What I love about you ladies is that you not only are honest and authentic about your lives (and frequently hilarity ensures) but you are insightful and lead such interesting conversations with amazing guests. Even as a mother of a 21 year old I feel like I’m still able to learn stuff from your podcast!

My all time favorite podcast

Seriously amazing! Margaret and Amy are such a good combo and balance each other so well. They’re hilarious and relatable. They’re exactly what every mom needs. Do yourself a favor and listen.

My favorite parenting podcast

I really enjoy listening to a Margaret and Amy’s perspectives. I like that they frequently, but don’t always agree with each other. This is a fun, easy going podcast, but it’s also well researched and I always pick up a good tip.

Love this podcast!

I’m a stay at home mom and your podcast has gotten me through all the chores and housework I usually hate and avoid for as long as possible. I have three kiddos. Ages are 15, 8, and 3. Amongst them we’ve got an IEP, a 504b plan, depression, anxiety, reading difficulties, and even advanced reading and math. One attends in person school full time, one is doing online school, and the 3 year old is ALWAYS at home with me. your podcast talks about it all. All the “ages and stages” as you say. Thank you for all the great content and info and of course the always hilarious jokes and skits. I look forward to hearing more.

My Favorite!

This is probably my favorite podcast. It’s funny but also has a lot of great information for parents. Margaret and Amy make a great team and are so enjoyable to listen to.

Funniest Mom podcast out there!

I love these ladies. They go with me on runs, walks, and drives. I look forward to each new episode and so wish they came more often. I have listened to every single episodes, sometimes twice, and it helps feel less lonely when your only company is a tiny fat dictator (aka adorable toddler)!

Making it Through in Massachusetts

Thank you for making me feel less crazy during this pandemic winter in Massachusetts! Love your show, always makes me laugh out loud when I’m on a run (or pretending to do the dishes and listening to your podcast!)

Love them!

These two are so funny and smart.

Love to laugh!

I found this podcast when my friend recommended it to me. It was so much fun listening to Amy and Margaret’s funny perspective on being a mom! I especially love their middle skit on what I’m thinking versus what I’m doing. It cracks me up. But mostly I love the balance of info. I get good laughs and practical tips that I can use right away. Definitely one of my new favs!

A light in my never ending tunnel

I look forward to each new episode every week. I’ve never really had mom friends due to my work schedule and location (and frankly my introverted personality) but while I’m listening I feel the warmth, comfort and acceptance of a good friendship. Today’s episode (2/17/21) talked about how we all aren’t okay and that just because someone else has it harder doesn’t mean we have to be okay and let ourselves accept and speak that. I’m not an emotional person in general but I am teary as it hits me that that’s how I feel! This frog is on fire! I’m right in the middle of a rough patch and I do think it’s the reality that we are a year into this nightmare with nothing to look forward to going into goodness knows how much longer. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your podcast! It’s one of the few snippets of comfort I can always depend on.


One of the greatest mom podcasts out there. You will get something out of EVERY episode!!! I can’t wait for the next episode! 2021-02 Still loving this podcast. I have listened to every single episode! Each one includes a laugh and applicable insight!!!

Makes me laugh out loud

Margaret and Amy keep me company as I care for my toddler. They remind me to not take myself too seriously, and their comedy bits frequently make me laugh out loud. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to hear intelligent and funny women talk about contemporary motherhood.

Love this show!

This is the greatest! As a mom of a toddler without a mom tribe I am so grateful to have found this podcast! They feel like my friends and always have such wonderful advice and relatable stories-always told with a sense of humor! Greatest podcast it’s absolutely my favorite! Thank you ladies for providing this for all of us moms out there!

Every mom needs to listen!

I came across this podcast by happenstance and have told all of my friends about it bc this is THE most relatable podcast there is when it comes to parenthood! It is so fun to listen to and these gals play off of each other so well. This is one of those podcasts where you end up feeling really good after listening to it. There’s no shaming different parenting styles but rather a place we can all relate with one another and laugh through the fun or tough stuff together:)

So good!

I came across the podcast mid-pandemic and it’s been the key to my sanity! I have older kids (13 yr old twins, 16 yr old - all boys)but no fear, these ladies have me covered! Their personalities shine and they are a perfect balance of humor and education. Thanks ladies for being a bright spot every week!

ASAP stop what you are doing to listen- AMAZING!

Every parent needs to stop what they are doing to listen to this podcast! It’s got everything you need: hilarious humor, genuine encouragement, and relevant parenting research delivered in an approachable down to earth way. I love these ladies so much I can’t get enough of their show! I regularly share episode after episode with my friends and they spark some of the riches conversations! I can’t get enough!

Encouraging, relatable content

I recently discovered this podcast and have added it to my weekly must-listens. Margaret and Amy are very relatable and encouraging and have so many snippets of great advice like, “operate from a place of maximum generosity”. They are funny and sarcastic and I really enjoy their perspectives.

Thank you!

As a newish mom in a new town, I hadn’t yet found my tribe when the pandemic hit. I am so grateful for the wisdom and humor I’ve found in this podcast. I’m always left with the sense that I’m doing a good job and my kids are going to be just fine. Thank you Margaret and Amy!

Love it!

So funny and helpful. Love this podcast and look forward to listening each week!

One of my favs!

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I listen first thing each Wednesday. I love Margaret and Amy’s humor, balanced takes, and of course ample research. While they are different personalities I find them both relatable and always learn something new or just have a great time listening.

Love this podcast

You get a lot with every listen-laughs, facts, and feels. I have kept up every week during quarantine and now get a lot of their inside jokes too. The two hosts have different but complementary life and parenting styles which means they can cover a lot of ground, but they still bring in experts and guest speakers to speak on different subjects. The accompanying Facebook group and Youtube videos have also been an awesome perk.

Partners in this Mess

I cannot love this show more. Amy and Margaret are like 2 friends who are with me in the madness that is parenting. It’s entertaining, truly informative and above all, a nice reminder that we are all really in this together. Listening to them on a twice weekly basis has improved my pandemic experience about a billion fold. To all the moms out there (and others too), please download this show immediately. Have the ladies keep you company on a walk, a commute or while folding laundry or cleaning toilets.

Funny Witty Sanity Saving!

Just what my earholes need after a day of listening to a toddler screaming. Not to mention, a morale boost and great company while working solo at my desk!

So funny

Great ideas, so fun. Ive spit out my drink several times laughing.

So glad to have found this podcast!!

I am newer listener after hearing you on another podcast. Love this podcast - informative and entertaining!!


Love this!!

I often laugh out loud when I listen

This podcast is funny, smart and relevant to all stages of parenting. I look forward to all the episodes!

Fun and helpful

I wasn’t an instant fan of this podcast, but I’d like to think that makes my loyalty to it even more meaningful. 😄 Their Facebook group is probably the most supportive parenting group I’ve ever been part of, and they draw heavily from the group for podcast material, which makes listening even more fun.

Self care in the form of a podcast

Hilarious, heartwarming, informative, and relatable. Thank you Margaret and Ann for creating this space!

Great Podcast!!

I just found you yesterday and I’m completely hooked. Ur show helps me in so many ways. Mostly to know I’m not alone & it’s not just me that’s having a hard time with this rollercoaster ride called motherhood. Thank You!!


I recently started listening and your podcast is so great! Talk about relatability and feeling like other people understand how marriage, parenting and life in general is just not a fairy tale, but we can get through it together! Thank you for sharing all you do and not being a judgy judgerson!

The best parenting podcast!

Amy and Margaret are delightful, and their podcast is always informative. I have twin toddlers, and I really appreciate Amy and Margaret’s “it gets better” message to parents of kids under 5. They are so encouraging. If you’re a parent, you should listen!!

Great podcast!

I’d skip the most recent episode on etiquette but other than that one, I enjoy this podcast. (The anecdote one host told about her kids sitting still and quiet at a long funeral simply because she told them to was hard to listen to as a parent of a nuerodivergent kid. I appreciate the other host keeping it real.)

My favorite parenting podcast!

Smart and funny, and the content I'm most likely to tell all my parent friends about all the time.

My favorite podcast!!

They are so funny but also give such great tips and advice! I’ve only listening for a year and there is tons of older great content to catch up on. I tell all my mom friends to listen!

Just perfect amount of advice and entertainment

I’ve been listening Amy and Margaret for years now. I get so much from every episode During the pandemic they’ve been one of my sources of happiness. :) thank you ladies.

Love them

A fun, educational parenting podcast!

A Highlight of My Week

I always look forward to listening to these two every week. They give realistic advice while giving me a laugh. I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you are a parent!

Absolute gold of a podcast.

I look forward to these episodes weekly! I cannot get enough. I just laugh out loud at Meg because she brings so much raw “realness” and I love Amy’s tips and practical nature as well as all her research. Thanks for being a light in these dark times. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It’s nice to know we aren’t momming all alone.


I love this podcast so much! I’ve been binge listening to old episodes for weeks - and I never get tired of it! I have an Amy personality- and so I love her research and advice. And Meg makes me laugh so so hard! They’re both just awesomely funny and have great chemistry. And the topics are spot on and super relevant to my life as a mom of four (ages 6-12). I hope this podcast never ends. Favorite podcast of all time!!! 👍👍

Mommy’s escape

Oh my goodness, this podcast is my favorite weekly escape ❤️. These ladies are hilarious, honest, humble, down to earth, and so positive and inclusive. If you belong to the mom club this is for you!

Love these sane, funny women!

Really grounded and I love listening to these women!

Refreshing and funny podcast about motherhood

I have found this podcast to be so wise, honest and hilarious and listening to these wise, funny women has made me a better mother! I wish I knew more mothers like them in real life. I like how they are different from each other and I could see myself being friends with both! I also like that I can listen to this with my kids around although it’s really meant for moms and not kids. My 9 year old son has laughed hard at a lot of their episodes!

My kind of mommas!

So, even though Amy and Margaret are fairly different from one another, I can weirdly completely relate to both of them! Their banter is amazing, and Amy’s diligent research paired with Margaret’s “this is probably fine” sense of adventure is a hilarious win all around. I especially love that I can 100% relate to all the Oldilocks references and I just feel so seen!

Good For a Laugh (Or Ten)!

Very funny and relatable podcast.


Oh my goodness, I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of my favorites. I LOVE Amy and Margaret’s humor and practical advice for parenting, while keeping appropriate perspective. I have learned so much and it has truly changed how I parent, plus I literally laugh out loud every episode. I got my mom and twin sister hooked and we often share “what fresh hell-isms”. Such a good show!

Best podcast ever!

Margaret and Amy are my best friends, even if they don’t realize it. I think we live in the same home, possibly inside the same brain. The first episode I ever listened to was the one about those mythical mom tribes, and it was SO nice to hear them normalizing the struggle to get “in” with a mom group. I love these guys!

Hilarious podcast with great information too

Finally a rational podcast about parenting that doesn’t take everything so seriously! I look forward to it every week and often laugh out loud while I’m listening.

Love this community!

This podcast and the corresponding Facebook community are so lovely!

A reprieve from the slog

Thank you ladies for your hard work on this show. I look forward to it every week!

helpful and entertaining

late to the podcast (starting 3 yrs in) - but almost caught up :) this duo and the show format are awesome... humor, experience, interviews, and advice related to parenting - WFH hits the sweetspot for parenting podcast for me, having tried three other ones so far... and it's the only show where i like listenting to some of the commercials...

Not a Parent

It may seem strange for someone who isn’t a parent to listen to this podcast, but I do it any! I am a Kindergarten teacher, and listening to these wonderful lady’s has given me so much perspective. I feel like I have more appreciation for how busy a Mom can be, and how things can look from their perspective. I love this podcast!

Saving my life right now

Stumbled onto this one one month into isolation. So good!! So real!!

Best Momcast ever

I found this podcast while I was pregnant in 2019 and have been binging as much as I can ever since. These 2 are relatable, funny, don’t take themselves too seriously and give great practical tips. I listen daily!

Y’all are the best!

I’ve tried many parenting podcasts and yours is hands down the best. You have a great banter and balance. I appreciate the variety of topics and the tempo of each show is consistent. I look forward to you two sharing “research and screes” each week!😁

Favorite Thing

You feel like you’re with friends while listening to this podcast!! It’s definitely my favorite thing to listen to!! Thanks Margaret and Amy! I’d be lost without you guys!

Makes My Wednesday

I just happened upon WFH about a month ago while searching for “mom podcasts”. I absolutely love the podcast and have been telling all my friends about it. I’m currently mid binge in all the episodes andI find listening to it therapeutic-I laugh a lot while I listen to it. AND I usually take a little pearl or two away with me to reflect on. Thanks Margaret and Amy. Keep up the good work ❤️

Love it!

I look forward to listening every week and recommend it to all my friends. So great to have a parenting podcast that is equally entertaining as it is informative. Margaret and Amy approach both the tough and mundane aspects of parenting in a non-judgmental way.

I feel SEEN

I often turn these ladies on when I’m attempting to get through those tough parenting moments and it ALWAYS helps, so much more so than taking to the internet and feeling shamed by google search responses. I tend to feel like I’m in a bubble when my kids are “not giving me a hard time, but having a hard time” and Amy and Margaret let me know that yes, my kids may be horrible monsters, but everyone else’s kids are horrible monsters too, and there are even ways to deal with that. There’s no better way to get through tough times than with a little humor, which they bring to the table along with a boatload of practical advice and ahas. Give it a listen if you feel like you need some smart, down to earth advice for whatever the hell is going on with your kids.

Can’t wait to listen to more!

Just listened for the first time and I loved it!!! So many relatable topics and I felt more at peace hearing people talk about the things I was feeling!! It’s lighthearted and refreshing to know we’re not alone in the crazy life of motherhood!!

I really awesome podcast for Parents

As a mom it was really refreshing to hear more moms discuss all the hot topics of motherhood but in a comedic way! The host are really different but that is what makes it great!


One of the greatest mom podcasts out there. You will get something out of EVERY episode!!! I can’t wait for the next episode!

Best parenting podcast!

So funny and helpful! It seems like you’re listening to friends. Love these ladies! Keep up the fabulous work!

Love this!

Always makes me laugh and I typically feel like I come away with some tactical parenting strategies. Thanks and thanks!

LOVE the content, lose the word “like”

I love this show!! It’s relatable and I learn so much every time. It’s one of my favorite shows. But. Margaret, please stop saying “like” as a verbal tic! It’s extremely distracting and sometimes I want to finish an episode but seriously can’t because I feel like a pre-teen is verbally delivering a woman’s wisdom. It’s so hard to listen to! Five stars for content, ideas, conversation. One star for not articulating like a grown-up.

Love it!!

I love the topics and all the conversations! Seriously makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with my girlfriends!! Please keep them coming!! I’m a hot mess mom with three that are five and under so I feel I get all of the right now shenanigans while you guys help me to see that the shenanigans will keep coming lol ages and stages 🤣❤️🤣❤️

So good!

I love love love this podcast. The hosts M and A are the perfect mix of thoughtful, realistic and hysterical.

Required listening for any mom!!!

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon What Fresh Hell, but it was a turning point in my life! All the things you question as a mother, Margaret and Amy answer in a way that is funny, completely honest, and makes me feel that I might not be insane after all. These two are my people. My dream is to have coffee in NYC with Margaret and Amy, discussing the perils of motherhood, until then, I cook, clean, mother, and do all the things with this podcast in my ear.❤️👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best ever!

My favorite podcast! Truly the best.

Best “mom” podcast out there!

I LOVE this podcast, it’s very funny and relatable. I’m in my mid-40’s with a 2 year old daughter & really relate to the hosts. I have gotten so much great advice from this podcast, it’s informative but in a “real” way if that makes sense.

Best podcast for all parents !

Got a new born, toddler, tween, teen no matter the age of your child(ren) you’ll love this podcast. The topics, the humor, the research and great hosts mixes for a must subscribe! Grateful for you ladies!

Funny and informative

Thank you for this podcast- so great

Where do I begin...

I have approximately an hour and 10 minute commute from Temecula CA to San Diego. I discovered the WFH podcast about a month ago and have been binge listening ever since. I have literally listened to every episode, listening to some more than once. I actually feel like I have become a better parent as a result of this new addiction. Here is what I like about the podcast. I truly appreciate how Amy and Margaret are authentic as they discuss the topic at hand. As they share research and advice they allow themselves to be vulnerable discussing the challenges they face with their children. Many times as I listen, one of them will talk about something that happened at home and I will think to myself, “Wow, it is not just my son who does this.” or “Ok, I’m not the only parent who...” The topics are interesting and relevant. I also appreciate how they integrate research into the discussion (Thank you Amy). These ladies are funny, intelligent and real. I totally recommend this podcast.

Great podcast

I feel that I found moms I want to listen to their experiences!

Excellent Podcast!

A superb mix of humor and advice great for any caregiver. A must for moms, IMO!

Real and relatable

Love listening to these ladies. Funny and practical with a great mix of “real” as well as expert advice.

Love this podcast!

This podcast is both entertaining and informative. I always laugh out loud several times during each episode. Thank you for helping me laugh my way through motherhood!

Great listen!

I love this podcast for funny and practical tips to help with motherhood!

Love these gals

This is my favorite podcast. I plan my week to do all of my worst chores and errands on Wednesday so I can listen to these gals and make it better. They’re both so smart but not snobby. They joke about motherhood, but are great moms. Great, loving moms. They are real about their relationships, but love their husbands and work hard at their marriages. A great mix of irreverent, feminist and also kind of old-fashioned. And good real advice.

Great Show!

This is an awesome show! I always get a laugh out of these ladies (and often some great advice too!)

Funny and informative

This is my favorite podcast! Not only do I feel like I learn something each time I listen, I find myself laughing throughout and nodding my head because it’s just so relatable.

Hilarious and helpful

This is my absolute favorite parenting podcast. Amy and Margaret feel like your mom friends who just happen to be super knowledgeable and funny.


What an amazing, funny, and encouraging podcast! It’s a must-listen every week!

Laughing and learning

Love these ladies passionately. So funny, so practical, so informative.

A hysterical, relatable, REAL podcast for moms everywhere

I am a new mom to a 7 month old little boy. Even though I’m in a totally different season of motherhood right now than Amy and Margaret, the topics they cover will absolutely be applicable in my years ahead. They cover a wide array of parenting dilemmas with such hilarity and honesty.. I can’t help but laugh and also feel really, really afraid about what lies ahead. Thank you both for taking the time to share what you have learned from your experiences!

Love this podcast

Great topics, interesting with plenty of research but still a nice conversational tone. Always makes me laugh!

Funniest Mom Podcast

While I listen to many parenting podcast, What Fresh Hell is the funniest hands down. They take on real parenting topics and challenges with an attitude of humor that just makes them so fun to listen to. Their personalities and parent styles are also very different which makes it entertaining. It’s normal to hear Amy worried and very concerned while Margaret feels it will all work out. Definitely makes whatever kind of mom you are feel included and valued!

Funny and relatable

I absolutely love this podcast and never miss an episode. Amy and Margaret are hilarious and relatable. They talk about real problems and provide real, practical solutions and ideas for all ages and stages. They are the perfect pair and listening to this podcasts feels like hanging out with good friends. Thanks for keeping me company on my commute to work or when I’m working around the house!

My favorite mom podcast

Funny, clever, smart, balanced. I love this podcast and look forward to it every week! And I learn so much from these two moms!

Absolutely Fabulous

I love listening to the ladies. The show feels like hanging with funny friends and they touch on great and helpful topics for parents.

Love This!

This podcast is the BEST parenting podcast and SO funny

Thank you!!!

I have needed to feel normal and I am at the stage of raising my boys that new advice from moms that are living life and you guys are great, thank you for your tips I am implementing so many things you have recommended

Love, Love, Love!

Thank you so much this is just what I needed!


Love this podcast! These ladies are very relatable!!

Relatable, funny content for moms in any phase of life.

I genuinely enjoy these ladies. I clean houses for a living and have lots of ear time. Eventually the same ol’ songs get annoying so I search for podcasts. I tried several other “mom podcasts” but always felt like I was the underachiever listening women talking about an unattainable lifestyle. Regardless the topic they dole out a healthy combination of information, resources, laughter and relatable issues. They make me feel normal, and I’ve enjoyed starting from the beginning and catching up with them.

I never miss an episode!

Amy and Margaret are my official Wednesday kitchen-cleaning buddies. I love that they choose pertinent and practical topics and get right to the point, but they do it with such humor that it’s like a party at my kitchen sink. They’re real an non-judgmental. Love it!

So funny!

Caught the the live show and it’s soooo funny. Experiencing it now and I am now subscribed to this podcast.

Love them!

I enjoy this podcast so much; Margaret and Amy have the perfect balance of delivering valuable information in an enjoyable and humorous manner! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and also teach undergrad Human Development- so much of what is passed on in this podcast is sound information. Keep up the great work, ladies!! Come to Orange County soon.

What a fresh dynamic duo

I love listening to Margaret and Amy because they sound like the kind of people I could pull a chair up to, and join the conversation. Their chemistry is unmatched and they are super down to earth. It is refreshing to hear witty, funny and relatable stories and its a favorite podcast of mine!


I love this podcast. I am a clinical psychologist and I am always impressed with how these two ladies give such sound and practical advice without being preachy or judgmental. They are also quite amusing and compliment each other perfectly. This is the first podcast that I have listened to with any regularity. I am constantly learning from them and always feel so much better about my parenting “failures” after hearing their perspectives.

Like sitting with two friends!

I listen while the baby I care for takes his nap! It’s the perfect addition to my day and I look forward to new episodes!! Found out about this podcast from an expectant mama in Bloomington, IN that is somehow related to one of the hosts!! Grateful to have learned about What Fresh Hell since it’s among my favorite podcasts!!!

New favorite

This podcast has slowly taken over my feed of parenting podcasts. I started listening because it's so funny but the advice and insight is so on point and profound that it has slowly taken the place of some of my more serious parenting podcasts. It's all the wisdom but none of the guilt! Amy and Margaret are refreshingly vulnerable and honest which makes it feel like we are old friends. Thank you Amy and Margaret for keeping me laughing at myself as a mother and teaching me to not hold it so tightly.

Best Parenting Podcast!

I love this podcast so much that I am going back and listening to all of the old episodes! These two are so funny and down to earth, but still full of practical advice. I don’t really write reviews but I just had to write a review of this one because this is such a great podcast! They have been there and done that and have great stories to tell that we can all relate to.

Favorite Podcast

Margaret and Amy feel like friends of mine ! I wish they were :) They are so refreshing and funny and realistic. They use the logic we NEED as Mothers and the emotions we have and can’t avoid as we make our way through this beautiful mess of raising great children. Thank you Margaret and Amy for making my days brighter!

Love it!

Hands down one of my favorite podcasts. Amy and Margaret are funny, informative and pick topics that are so of interest to me as a mom of a toddler and preschooler. I can relate to so much of what they discuss and laugh my butt off while learning from their experiences.

Best mom podcast

This podcast keeps me giggling the whole episode, but it is also great information and a great place to feel not alone. It is my favorite parenting podcast.

Best Parenting Podcast!

Hi there folks! This one is a gem! Funny, practical, real. Like sitting in a room with two witty, educated, modest and funny friends. The kind of friends that are really rare and high quality! Honest and funny and going through the same parenting challenges we all face. This podcast makes me LOL and is an absolute MUST SUBSCRIBE!!! “From an Oldilocks Mom”

Fun and helpful!

I feel like I am listening to my friends! Great podcast!

Refreshing podcast

I stumbled upon this while browsing and I really enjoy listening!

Love it!

This podcast is one of my favorites! Amy and Margaret are a great balance of funny and real, and listening to them makes me feel like I’m part of a bigger community of moms who are all going through the same or similar things.

Funny and useful

It’s nice to hear your own experience reflected back at you by two funny smart women. I appreciate their insight for how motherhood changes as your kids grow.

The best parenting podcast

This is the best and most relatable parenting podcast. I have listened to every episode! These moms know what’s up. 💯

Husband approved! ;)

Normally I listen to podcasts by myself in the car, but occasionally my husband is along for the ride. He has listened to a couple episodes with me and agrees that “these ladies are funny!” He’s not a huge fan of motherhood podcasts (shocking!), but thinks you have some great real-life advice and insight.

Old mom, young kid

I am a mid 40s mom with a 5 year old. So I already have a pretty great sense of humor... but these ladies just seem to 'get it'. Even when they don't see eye to eye with each other, it's so awesome to hear different perspectives on the lastest trending topics. Meg goes with her gut, and Amy has LOADS of research to back up any statements... But my favorite...the thing that absolutely gets me EVERY TIME...is the 'Oldilocks Alert' (Back in my day). So funny...Keep up the good work ladies!

I don't even have kids and I love it

So I don't even have kids yet but I am planning to soon and I was looking for a podcast with some good mom advice / wisdom. I listened to quite a few on a long road trip and this is the only one I have continnued to listen to after I returned from said road trip. Amy and Margaret are hilarious and actually give good advice. I have been making some notes about ideas and 'hacks' they share when it comes to kids and motherhood. My favorite from Margaret, "the 1000 years rule."

My favorite parenting podcast

I love the hard data brought by Amy. I also love that they don't shy away from pushing back on things that don't make complete sense. They are not afraid of a difference of opinion and do it respectfully. Love the realism of life represented!

Thank you!

So glad this podcast is out there, blending humor and motherhood. There is so much advice out there and outlets that make you feel like you’re doing things all wrong. But these ladies talk about their successes, their failures and the reality of it all. They make it all so very relatable, which is something we all need! Keep it up!

Entertaining, Comical and Useful!

I love this podcast! I get useful parenting advice but also a few much-needed laughs. I can totally relate to these moms and feel like I have had a talk with friends after listening in. I just discovered the podcast a few weeks ago and have binge listened. Keep the episodes coming please!


Finally a mom podcast by two hosts who keep it real. Down with the party bag favors!!

Love it !

I found this podcast a few weeks ago and I’m binging on it . They are funny and full of great info. I love how the presenters sometimes differ on a topic which reminds me of many conversations I have had with my mum friends. Great podcast !

The No mom shame podcast

I love this podcast. It has a bit of everything in parenting. Their sponsor breaks and mid show skits are so funny. My mother passed away right before I started my journey into marriage and motherhood. Listening to Margaret is like listening to my mom's advice, really practical and funny. I know my mom would have said the same thins. I'm on the west coast and I love hearing about the east coast culture and living in NY. I love Amy's studies.

Everything I want in a podcast

I love this podcast. I’m now throwing out my kindergarten’s school artwork guilt-free! 😁

Binge Worthy

I have been binge listening to these two for the past week and I can’t get enough !!!! I am going to be so depressed when I listen to them all and I have to wait a week for my next fix. I laugh out loud while getting amazing tips to make it through the day with my two young boys. Best mothering podcast I’ve ever got hooked on!

My favorite!

I wait for this cast every week. Amy and Margret are hysterical and I live Margret’s “old school” parenting and “oldielicks” alerts! Thank you for my weekly dose of real parenting!


Love listening to these gal's! Let's me breath a little with my parenting 😊

Highlight of my week

This podcast makes me laugh, but it’s also full of really useful information. The hosts’ personalities and approaches to situations are different so their discussion is well-rounded and interesting. I’m glad I found it and it’s the first thing I listen to the day it drops.

Best Mom Podcast!

This show is a refreshing take on being a mom. Amy shares tidbits of interesting research while Margaret pokes fun at the modern day style of overprotective, lets be best friends with our kids parenting. I find myself agreeing with both hosts and laughing often.

The best!

I have been listening to this podcast for about six months and it is my absolute favorite. And I’ve “dated” quite a few motherhood podcasts. I have three kids ages1,4 and 7. I feel like they are my tribe. They are hilarious but also offer really solid advice for navigating motherhood and co-parenting. I love them!

Saving my commute!

I listen to this podcast on my way to work after dropping off my 2 small kids. It gets me smiling the whole way. I’ve made my husband listen to episodes with me. I still laugh when I think about a toddler unpacking a shelf with “grim determination.” Thanks Margaret and Amy.

Love Thais but auto tune?

Love love this podcast. I love the topics and the way they are set up with a funny break in the middle. I love the guest voices and personal stories. The sound quality has improved as the episodes go on but for some reason it still sounds like they’re using auto tune. It’s just a small quirk that drives me crazy and I don’t know if other people can hear it or if it’s just me!

The highlight of my day when I listen!

These ladies are just killing it! Hilarious, thoughtful and smart discussion about all the parenting topics. Even when it’s a topic I don’t think will apply to me, I end up thoroughly enjoying it and also getting something useful out of it. They are sensible and real and so so funny. Love it!

Valuable and entertaining for any mom

I'm so glad I found this podcast! The back and forth between Amy and Margaret is enthralling, I find myself literally laughing out loud and I always leave with valuable take-aways. I have a 1.5 and 2.5 year old and hearing lessons learned or what has and hasn't worked in their families is a nice 'been there, done that' perspective for me. It gives me a road map for going forward with my own little ones, and even some gentle affirmation that I might be doing some of this right. I also really love the bonus content on the website and links to the sources they site. Definitely recommend!

Must Have Podcast for Moms

I love Margaret and Amy’s odd couple sort of dynamic and their down to earth, FUNNY attitudes. It’s so fun and refreshing. I have recommended the podcast to every parent I know and thanked my friend for recommending it to me. The comedy bits in the middle are awesome!


Love this podcast! I binged all the episodes on my commute over a couple weeks. Love that there is practical advice but also humor and reality. The hosts are refreshingly honest and genuine and entertaining. I also like that they are a little older themselves (like me) and give advice for families with older than toddler kids. The researched expert advice is nice contrasted with or to enhance the real world application/opinion. One of my favorite podcasts. Would highly recommend it!

Very insightful

I have made my partner listen to episodes because it nails an issue we had just been talking about (what’s up with toddlers? What’s up with teens? We have both...). Possibly my favorite thing, though, is when the hosts quote their own moms’ catch phrases or aphorisms. There is something about that honed wisdom from the ages that I find very comforting.

Love love love

Real motherhood, real talk, lots of laughs. I love it!

How are you in my brain?!

This is a great podcast to listen to while driving my kids around for their nap in my minivan and questioning all my life decisions. I feel like they have listened to conversations I’ve had with Mom friends, they get it. And they offer actually helpful advice.

Love love!!!

You guys remind me of the ultimate original mom podcasters of the show Manic Mommies! Missed them after they closed shop but now you guys are here so YAY!!!!

Well done! Can't get enough

Love this! Hosts chemistry and voices are A+ which is podcast gold! So funny, entertaining, relatable and down to earth 🙌

My new favorite podcast

Love the show! Thank you!

Love it

What a great podcast! It's informative, real and SO funny!

Funny & Honest

Love the podcast! These ladies are funny, but honest about motherhood woes.

What fresh hell nails it

These women totally understand motherhood and they are funny as hell. It’s like the funniest version of my best mom friend and I talking!

Great Podcast

I have been listening to this podcast weekly since it started. Love the topics and can really relate to everything that is talked about!

Funny and Helpful

Love these ladies, and their takes on motherhood. I laugh and nod my head through every episode.

One of my favorite parenting podcasts

I read Amy's book and then was beyond delighted to find she had a podcast. Keep the episodes coming!

Clever hilarious and helpful

These are the moms you want to surround yourself with-- no bs, good advice, brutal honesty and tons of laughter.

Funny and real

I look forward to this podcast every time. These ladies are hilarious and relatable. It's great that between them both they have kids of all different ages. I found the episode about discussing difficult topics particularly insightful and have already applied some of the suggestions in conversations with my 3 year old.

Oh So Relatable And Funny

Who knew parenting would be so challenging? I certainly didn't and it's comforting to know I'm not alone. Whew! Thanks Amy and Margaret! These two have such a wonderful rapport and offer up many laugh-out loud moments as well as helpful and sound parenting advice. I'm happy to have found this podcast. I'm betting you will be too. Check it out.

AMAZING and totally FRESH!

I love this podcast! As a mom of three, it is great to hear such sound and funny advice from these two smart women. Not only is it highly entertaining, balanced, and thought provoking, but also it has generated some really wonderful conversations with my husband and kids. Thank you Amy and Margaret!

Like Having Your Funny Smart Friends Over... Without Having to Clean

Reheat your coffee for the third time and press play, "What Fresh Hell" has smart, funny and honest parenting insights.

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The day to day do parenting has never been funnier!

What Fresh Hell podcast

This podcast is so good. It is a fresh, original, clear-eyed take on the ironies and pitfalls of parenthood that is deliciously funny even to non-parents.

Amy and Margaret are funny and smart!

So glad I discovered this podcast. Amy and Margaret are hilarious to listen to and offer smart, real-life perspective on hot-button parenting topics. The comedy breaks are awesome, too.

Wish this had been around when my kids were small!

I'm the mom of high school and college kids and love this parenting podcast-while some of the specific dilemmas Amy and Margaret discuss are in our rearview mirror, their compassion and humor toward the tough job of parenting resonate. The hosts mesh really nicely, and it feels like sitting down with two of your nicest, most thoughtful friends for a chat about universal parenting challenges. Love it.

Funny, practical, real

As a mother of 3, I often find myself laughing out loud when I'm listening to Meg and Amy. They cover the common pitfalls of being a mom like getting your kid to eat something beyond a chicken nugget and how much screen time should they have but also it's about family and relationship dynamics. I like that they often have different perspectives and their kids are a range of ages so the topics are stuff I'm currently dealing with. The discussion is lively and as far from Pollyanna as you can get.

Not just for Moms

It may be two women talking about motherhood, but this is great stuff about parenting that's good for Dads, too. The hosts are as funny as they are pragmatic, so you can learn something without being lectured to and get to laugh along the way. Definitely makes the commute fly by!

Funny and smart

Great podcast that's funny and practical. Amy and Margaret are the mom friends you need!

Laughing and learning

Great podcast! I find myself laughing out loud and wanting to check out the books, and articles that are referenced. I added Night shift to my phone, thank you. Keep up the great work and I will keep sharing your podcast with my friends.


Fantastic! Refreshing! Laugh out loud funny! Not sure what I loved more - the hysterical back & forth banter between Moms or the real life examples of daily struggles & creative solutions. This podcast is witty, honest, real & the perfect combination of not taking itself too seriously ("so the lesson is ignore your children & make them miserable whenever possible") but taking itself seriously enough to offer solutions & creative & new approaches to everyday problems. I laughed A LOT but maybe more surprising learned a lot & have some great new perspective to bring to my own everyday challenges & cherubs. Overall: Better than La La Land!!!

Best new podcast!

Funny, engaging, informative, intelligent, AWESOME!!!!

Fresh and funny

Lots of laughs and helpful info in this podcast!

Like sitting around with my best girlfriends

I wasn't sure what to expect when a friend recommmended this podcast, but I really love it. The hosts are hilarious but also smart and practical with their parenting advice. It's like sitting around with my best girlfriends laughing about the absurdity of being a mother.

Informative and Funny

Featuring both informative commentary and funny bits on the week's topic this podcast is a great way to learn about parenting topics while having a good laugh.

Funny and Practical!

Great podcast about parenting. Funny and engaging but also with great ideas and strategies. Hosts are not afraid to make fun of themselves and do not pretend to have all the answers. Give it a listen-you'll be happy you did!

Funny and relatable

These conversations are super relatable and entertaining, and I usually come away with some helpful ideas or inspiration to tackle a problem area in parenting. An excellent companion while I'm folding laundry, making dinner, or otherwise mom-ing.

Love it!

Excellent podcast. I find myself laughing and learning great new parenting ideas


This podcast nails it. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for making my life simpler!