What Fresh Hell



Love this podcast!

This podcast is both entertaining and informative. I always laugh out loud several times during each episode. Thank you for helping me laugh my way through motherhood!

Great listen!

I love this podcast for funny and practical tips to help with motherhood!

Love these gals

This is my favorite podcast. I plan my week to do all of my worst chores and errands on Wednesday so I can listen to these gals and make it better. They’re both so smart but not snobby. They joke about motherhood, but are great moms. Great, loving moms. They are real about their relationships, but love their husbands and work hard at their marriages. A great mix of irreverent, feminist and also kind of old-fashioned. And good real advice.

Great Show!

This is an awesome show! I always get a laugh out of these ladies (and often some great advice too!)

Funny and informative

This is my favorite podcast! Not only do I feel like I learn something each time I listen, I find myself laughing throughout and nodding my head because it’s just so relatable.

Hilarious and helpful

This is my absolute favorite parenting podcast. Amy and Margaret feel like your mom friends who just happen to be super knowledgeable and funny.


What an amazing, funny, and encouraging podcast! It’s a must-listen every week!

Laughing and learning

Love these ladies passionately. So funny, so practical, so informative.

A hysterical, relatable, REAL podcast for moms everywhere

I am a new mom to a 7 month old little boy. Even though I’m in a totally different season of motherhood right now than Amy and Margaret, the topics they cover will absolutely be applicable in my years ahead. They cover a wide array of parenting dilemmas with such hilarity and honesty.. I can’t help but laugh and also feel really, really afraid about what lies ahead. Thank you both for taking the time to share what you have learned from your experiences!

Love this podcast

Great topics, interesting with plenty of research but still a nice conversational tone. Always makes me laugh!

Funniest Mom Podcast

While I listen to many parenting podcast, What Fresh Hell is the funniest hands down. They take on real parenting topics and challenges with an attitude of humor that just makes them so fun to listen to. Their personalities and parent styles are also very different which makes it entertaining. It’s normal to hear Amy worried and very concerned while Margaret feels it will all work out. Definitely makes whatever kind of mom you are feel included and valued!

Funny and relatable

I absolutely love this podcast and never miss an episode. Amy and Margaret are hilarious and relatable. They talk about real problems and provide real, practical solutions and ideas for all ages and stages. They are the perfect pair and listening to this podcasts feels like hanging out with good friends. Thanks for keeping me company on my commute to work or when I’m working around the house!

My favorite mom podcast

Funny, clever, smart, balanced. I love this podcast and look forward to it every week! And I learn so much from these two moms!

Absolutely Fabulous

I love listening to the ladies. The show feels like hanging with funny friends and they touch on great and helpful topics for parents.

Love This!

This podcast is the BEST parenting podcast and SO funny

Thank you!!!

I have needed to feel normal and I am at the stage of raising my boys that new advice from moms that are living life and you guys are great, thank you for your tips I am implementing so many things you have recommended

Love, Love, Love!

Thank you so much this is just what I needed!


Love this podcast! These ladies are very relatable!!

Relatable, funny content for moms in any phase of life.

I genuinely enjoy these ladies. I clean houses for a living and have lots of ear time. Eventually the same ol’ songs get annoying so I search for podcasts. I tried several other “mom podcasts” but always felt like I was the underachiever listening women talking about an unattainable lifestyle. Regardless the topic they dole out a healthy combination of information, resources, laughter and relatable issues. They make me feel normal, and I’ve enjoyed starting from the beginning and catching up with them.

I never miss an episode!

Amy and Margaret are my official Wednesday kitchen-cleaning buddies. I love that they choose pertinent and practical topics and get right to the point, but they do it with such humor that it’s like a party at my kitchen sink. They’re real an non-judgmental. Love it!

So funny!

Caught the the live show and it’s soooo funny. Experiencing it now and I am now subscribed to this podcast.

Love them!

I enjoy this podcast so much; Margaret and Amy have the perfect balance of delivering valuable information in an enjoyable and humorous manner! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, and also teach undergrad Human Development- so much of what is passed on in this podcast is sound information. Keep up the great work, ladies!! Come to Orange County soon.

What a fresh dynamic duo

I love listening to Margaret and Amy because they sound like the kind of people I could pull a chair up to, and join the conversation. Their chemistry is unmatched and they are super down to earth. It is refreshing to hear witty, funny and relatable stories and its a favorite podcast of mine!


I love this podcast. I am a clinical psychologist and I am always impressed with how these two ladies give such sound and practical advice without being preachy or judgmental. They are also quite amusing and compliment each other perfectly. This is the first podcast that I have listened to with any regularity. I am constantly learning from them and always feel so much better about my parenting “failures” after hearing their perspectives.

Like sitting with two friends!

I listen while the baby I care for takes his nap! It’s the perfect addition to my day and I look forward to new episodes!! Found out about this podcast from an expectant mama in Bloomington, IN that is somehow related to one of the hosts!! Grateful to have learned about What Fresh Hell since it’s among my favorite podcasts!!!

New favorite

This podcast has slowly taken over my feed of parenting podcasts. I started listening because it's so funny but the advice and insight is so on point and profound that it has slowly taken the place of some of my more serious parenting podcasts. It's all the wisdom but none of the guilt! Amy and Margaret are refreshingly vulnerable and honest which makes it feel like we are old friends. Thank you Amy and Margaret for keeping me laughing at myself as a mother and teaching me to not hold it so tightly.

Best Parenting Podcast!

I love this podcast so much that I am going back and listening to all of the old episodes! These two are so funny and down to earth, but still full of practical advice. I don’t really write reviews but I just had to write a review of this one because this is such a great podcast! They have been there and done that and have great stories to tell that we can all relate to.

Favorite Podcast

Margaret and Amy feel like friends of mine ! I wish they were :) They are so refreshing and funny and realistic. They use the logic we NEED as Mothers and the emotions we have and can’t avoid as we make our way through this beautiful mess of raising great children. Thank you Margaret and Amy for making my days brighter!

Love it!

Hands down one of my favorite podcasts. Amy and Margaret are funny, informative and pick topics that are so of interest to me as a mom of a toddler and preschooler. I can relate to so much of what they discuss and laugh my butt off while learning from their experiences.

Best mom podcast

This podcast keeps me giggling the whole episode, but it is also great information and a great place to feel not alone. It is my favorite parenting podcast.