Sept. 28, 2022

Why Isn't This a Thing? (Part Two)

We’re back with things that don’t exist but definitely should, from dishwasher-safe waffle makers to uninterrupted showers. This ep is full of $1,000,000 ideas… and OK, some $100 ideas too. But we deserve a world in which all these things are things.

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Cars with built-in refrigerator magnets, super strong hair-collecting magnets, and of course, Baby Uber (car seats included!) Our listeners had so many good ideas for life-saving parenting inventions that we couldn't fit them all into our first "Why Isn't This a Thing?" episode. So here is "Why Isn't This a Thing: Part Two: New Things Rising: Maybe It Is a Thing."

Amy and Margaret discuss amazing ideas like:

  • Hotels for sick moms
  • Cocktail ice cream trucks
  • Applebee's buzzers

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