April 8, 2020

What's Working Right Now

Here’s what’s actually working right now- for our anxiety, our family chore buy-in, our kitchen ennui, and our senses of hope. (Our number one tip: try never to interrupt a happy quarantined family while they’re doing whatever is making them happy.)

Don't get us wrong: in most ways, we've gone feral. But here’s what’s actually working during this stay-at-home time, for us and for our listeners:

  • for our anxiety
  • for our family chore buy-in
  • for our kitchen ennui
  • for laughter
  • for exercise
  • and for our senses of hope.

Above all, we offer you this: never interrupt a happy quarantined family member while they are doing... whatever it is that is making them happy. We love this quote from our listener Shannon:

“Instead of having a schedule for your day, consider having a routine. If you have a nice routine of activities you do each day, you get into a comfortable rhythm. If you try to stick with a time to schedule, you might miss out on some lovely moments. Five minutes before we were supposed to be starting schoolwork, my kids built a blanket fort where my son read to my daughter. What a gift! School will start, but this moment is more important for their relationship and this mama's heart.”

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