June 20, 2018

Vacationing With Kids- What Works

Successful travel as a family doesn’t mean your choice of destination needs to revolve around your kids. But you may need to keep your expectations flexible. This episode is full of ideas for creating family vacations with appeal for all ages.

 The biggest drawback to vacationing with kids may be this: wherever you go, your kids will still actually be with you. 

 But seriously… successful traveling as a family means keeping everyone happy. That doesn’t mean your choice of vacation destination needs to revolve around your kids, but it does mean your expectations for sightseeing or miles logged per day might need to be somewhat flexible. After all, you have even less of an escape from your kids complaining while on vacation than you do when you’re at home.

 And despite all the hassles, we both love traveling with our kids. Even when it’s not easy, it’s always worth the journey. So this episode is full of ideas for creating family vacations with appeal for all age groups, whether you’re going across the state or around the world.

 We discuss:


 the wonders of RV travel

 why the anticipation of a trip can be as much fun as the trip itself

 the indispensability of Ziploc bags

 how older kids will accept sightseeing when it is offered with a tiny side order of danger

 our listeners’ very best travel-with-kids tips


 Here’s some writing we love about traveling with kids:

 Meg Lukans Noonan for Travel and Leisure: The Age-Appropriate Vacation

Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore for The Huffington Post: Seven Reasons Why Travel is Never Wasted on Young Kids

Sarah Clemence for Travel and Leisure: 10 Essential Hacks for Traveling with Small Kids

…and our own Episode 20, on what to pack when traveling with kids

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