Jan. 11, 2021

The Mom That Covid Has Made Me

How has Covid affected you as a mom? Are you more socially anxious? Have you found the isolation sort of reassuring? Are you at your breaking point? Are you treasuring the extra time with your kids? Will any of this permanently change how you parent?

This topic was inspired by Kristen Howerton’s essay for The New York Times, “I Hate The Mom That Covid Has Made Me.” Kristen explains how she’s become THAT mom, the kind who spies on her own teenagers and yells at them for not wearing masks. She thought she hated that kind of parent– and now it’s her. 

We asked our listeners to tell us how life with Covid has affected their own parenting. Some of us have gotten more socially anxious; others, like the moms of kids with severe allergies, have found the isolation reassuring. Some of us have treasured the extra time with our children; others are nearing their breaking point. Some of us are stressing about the screen time; others are thrilled we’re not interrupting our kids to go to travel soccer for a change. 

How has Covid changed your parenting? Will those changes be longer-term than this pandemic? 

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