Nov. 2, 2022

Teaching Kids Patience

If patience is a virtue, it’s not one often practiced by preschoolers. There are reasons why very small children have a hard time waiting. Sometimes very big kids as well. As in grownups. Here’s why being patient matters, and how to introduce it.

If a three-year-old can't wait thirty seconds more for dinner, will she grow up to be an impatient adult? Is there anything we can do to teach our kids patience– and should we?

Impatience is completely normal in kids (not to mention grownups), but there are ways to help our children develop this skill. It's worth the effort– not to make our kids more compliant and quiet in church, but because patience and overall happiness, as it turns out, are highly correlated.

In this episode, Amy and Margaret discuss:

  • Why impatience is developmentally appropriate- and when kids are ready to become more patient
  • The infamous "marshmallow experiment"
  • How to model patience for our kids (and find a little more happiness ourselves)


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