April 24, 2019

Screen-Free Week: How To Survive and Why It's Worth It

Screen-Free Week starts 4/29. If the very notion sends ice through your veins, you’re not alone! But we loved it, and we think you might too. We discuss how to prepare, what to do instead, and why it’s all truly worth it. Learn more: screenfree.org.

We all know it: our kids are on screens too much. And us parents? Well, if you haven't used Apple's Screen Time function yet, prepare to be horrified.

So have you ever considered a cold-turkey no-screens experiment in your home? Screen Free Week is coming up, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to present the idea to our families.

But no, you might be saying. We couldn't possibly. My kids would fight! We need that down time! There's all that candy to crush!

And to that we say, fear not, because we did it first. And we are here to tell you that you won't just find hours of time- you will, as Margaret put it, see entire bandwidths of your children's brains come alive that you hadn't even realized were asleep.

In this episode we discuss how to sell screen-free week to the kids, how to prepare, how to survive, and why we think it's worth it!

Here are links to resources and research discussed in this episode:




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