What Fresh Hell



Amy and Margaret are funny and smart!

So glad I discovered this podcast. Amy and Margaret are hilarious to listen to and offer smart, real-life perspective on hot-button parenting topics. The comedy breaks are awesome, too.

Wish this had been around when my kids were small!

I'm the mom of high school and college kids and love this parenting podcast-while some of the specific dilemmas Amy and Margaret discuss are in our rearview mirror, their compassion and humor toward the tough job of parenting resonate. The hosts mesh really nicely, and it feels like sitting down with two of your nicest, most thoughtful friends for a chat about universal parenting challenges. Love it.

Funny, practical, real

As a mother of 3, I often find myself laughing out loud when I'm listening to Meg and Amy. They cover the common pitfalls of being a mom like getting your kid to eat something beyond a chicken nugget and how much screen time should they have but also it's about family and relationship dynamics. I like that they often have different perspectives and their kids are a range of ages so the topics are stuff I'm currently dealing with. The discussion is lively and as far from Pollyanna as you can get.

Not just for Moms

It may be two women talking about motherhood, but this is great stuff about parenting that's good for Dads, too. The hosts are as funny as they are pragmatic, so you can learn something without being lectured to and get to laugh along the way. Definitely makes the commute fly by!

Funny and smart

Great podcast that's funny and practical. Amy and Margaret are the mom friends you need!

Laughing and learning

Great podcast! I find myself laughing out loud and wanting to check out the books, and articles that are referenced. I added Night shift to my phone, thank you. Keep up the great work and I will keep sharing your podcast with my friends.


Fantastic! Refreshing! Laugh out loud funny! Not sure what I loved more - the hysterical back & forth banter between Moms or the real life examples of daily struggles & creative solutions. This podcast is witty, honest, real & the perfect combination of not taking itself too seriously ("so the lesson is ignore your children & make them miserable whenever possible") but taking itself seriously enough to offer solutions & creative & new approaches to everyday problems. I laughed A LOT but maybe more surprising learned a lot & have some great new perspective to bring to my own everyday challenges & cherubs. Overall: Better than La La Land!!!

Best new podcast!

Funny, engaging, informative, intelligent, AWESOME!!!!

Fresh and funny

Lots of laughs and helpful info in this podcast!

Like sitting around with my best girlfriends

I wasn't sure what to expect when a friend recommmended this podcast, but I really love it. The hosts are hilarious but also smart and practical with their parenting advice. It's like sitting around with my best girlfriends laughing about the absurdity of being a mother.

Informative and Funny

Featuring both informative commentary and funny bits on the week's topic this podcast is a great way to learn about parenting topics while having a good laugh.

Funny and Practical!

Great podcast about parenting. Funny and engaging but also with great ideas and strategies. Hosts are not afraid to make fun of themselves and do not pretend to have all the answers. Give it a listen-you'll be happy you did!

Funny and relatable

These conversations are super relatable and entertaining, and I usually come away with some helpful ideas or inspiration to tackle a problem area in parenting. An excellent companion while I'm folding laundry, making dinner, or otherwise mom-ing.

Love it!

Excellent podcast. I find myself laughing and learning great new parenting ideas


This podcast nails it. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for making my life simpler!

Hilarious and Helpful!

This podcast is entertaining and very helpful for parents. Practical advice from REAL, experienced mom's who know how hard parenting is. The delivery of the advice is lighthearted and fun. You will laugh and cry!