What Fresh Hell



So great!

I love this show! Not only do they have great experts and real important topics, but do it with a sense of humor and relatability that all moms (or other parents!) can relate to! They make parenting just a little easier.


Great banter and it really helps with parenting


I don’t know if my last review worked! I think it cut off. Anyways, was just saying amy and Margaret are the big sisters I never had. Love them and the pod!

Love both of them!

They both are funny, give great advice. I want to be friends with both of them. They Discuss wide range of topics and always have opinions, facts, and advice. I’ve been bingeing since I found them.

Perfect blend of funny and being real.

I stumbled upon this podcast one day when I was craving more content from a different mom podcast. Today, it’s the one I look forward to the most! Thanks for being so real, entertaining and for giving me a bit of a break from mommying all day as I work from home due to this pandemic!

Funny, witty, sweet

They're hilarious and have great chemistry. If your mom life is missing comedy (aren't we all?!?) this is the show!

So helpful and fun

I mean, I wouldn’t listen if it wasn’t fun. I also really appreciate hearing that it gets better.


I was looking for a podcast about anger and parenting- this definitely touches on the frustrations of parenting and how to navigate its complexities.

Excellent podcast for parenting advice

Amy and Margaret do an incredible job making each topic relatable and throwing in just the right amount of humor. They are wonderful to listen to and commiserate with whenever your children are driving you crazy! I love that they research each topic thoroughly and invite guests who are leading researchers in their prospective fields.


This show is my favorite! It's amazing along with toddler perguatory. Thank you for making something so relatable that makes me feel heard as a sahm with two boys.

Humor, Advice & Solidarity

Perfect balance of humor, practical advice and stories that give solidarity in the ups and downs of parenting. Been listening for years and love Amy & Margaret! Highly recommend!

I love these ladies, so funny and informative

I love to listen to this podcast. They are so hilarious and very helpful with parenting information. I look forward to every episode. I highly recommend this podcast!

Part of my therapy portfolio!

I couldn’t be happier I found this podcast. I’m a little bit Amy and a little bit Margaret, and I just love the wise and hilarious banter these ladies offer to me as a SAHM. I go from laughing hysterically at their personal anecdotes, to sobbing at times when I feel deeply validated, and learning something EVERY time I tune in. I truly believe listening to this podcast has improved my mental health, and has allowed me to give myself much more grace as a mom. I look forward to and delight in each new episode. Thank you so much, and please keep up the excellent work!

The best parenting podcast!

I never miss an episode! Amy and Margaret are so honest about motherhood and bring not only humor, but really greasy advice. I really look forward to each episode!

Just perfect amount of advice and entertainment

I’ve been listening Amy and Margaret for years now. I get so much from every episode During the pandemic they’ve been one of my sources of happiness. :) thank you ladies.

Great podcast

I love this parenting podcast! There is always lots of helpful information while making me laugh and not take things too seriously.

Love it!

I listen to your podcast everyday and I love every episode! I work full time and have a one year old daughter. I had my daughter right as the pandemic lock down started and have never felt so alone. This podcast has really helped me to not feel alone on my journey as a mother.

So relatable!

Since I discovered this podcast, I don’t think there has been one episode that I couldn’t find something to relate to- and their humor reminds me to take a step back and laugh at the absurdity of motherhood.

The best mom podcast

I look forward to this podcast every week— funny, relatable and I always learn something. Love these ladies!

So funny and helpful!

I LOVE this podcast!! I subscribe to a lot of parenting among other podcasts and this is definitely my favorite. It is super funny, down to earth, and very helpful to me as a mother. So entertaining and enjoyable!

Love love love

Love this podcast. I always learn something and get a laugh or two out of it.

So funny, yet so helpful!

Love how Amy and Margaret give motherhood an comedic voice, but honestly give practical and balanced advice. It’s a must listen!

Y’all are the best!

I’ve tried many parenting podcasts and yours is hands down the best. You have a great banter and balance. I appreciate the variety of topics and the tempo of each show is a nice constant- it feels like listening to good friends! (Also, thank you for making it clean so that I never have to worry about inappropriate language) I look forward to you two sharing “research and screes” each week!😁


So funny and informative!! I send to all my mama friends 💓

My FAVORITE podcast

I am SOOOO glad I found this podcast. Margaret and Amy are so real and relatable. I feel like I am sitting and chatting with a few friends when I listen to this podcast. They just tell it how it is. Best podcast ever, do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast.

Laughing and learning? Yes please!

What I love about you ladies is that you not only are honest and authentic about your lives (and frequently hilarity ensures) but you are insightful and lead such interesting conversations with amazing guests. Even as a mother of a 21 year old I feel like I’m still able to learn stuff from your podcast!

My all time favorite podcast

Seriously amazing! Margaret and Amy are such a good combo and balance each other so well. They’re hilarious and relatable. They’re exactly what every mom needs. Do yourself a favor and listen.

My favorite parenting podcast

I really enjoy listening to a Margaret and Amy’s perspectives. I like that they frequently, but don’t always agree with each other. This is a fun, easy going podcast, but it’s also well researched and I always pick up a good tip.

Love this podcast!

I’m a stay at home mom and your podcast has gotten me through all the chores and housework I usually hate and avoid for as long as possible. I have three kiddos. Ages are 15, 8, and 3. Amongst them we’ve got an IEP, a 504b plan, depression, anxiety, reading difficulties, and even advanced reading and math. One attends in person school full time, one is doing online school, and the 3 year old is ALWAYS at home with me. your podcast talks about it all. All the “ages and stages” as you say. Thank you for all the great content and info and of course the always hilarious jokes and skits. I look forward to hearing more.

My Favorite!

This is probably my favorite podcast. It’s funny but also has a lot of great information for parents. Margaret and Amy make a great team and are so enjoyable to listen to.