What Fresh Hell



The best! Funny and informative.

These hosts get down to the nitty gritty and aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions that come with parenting teens and tweens. Interesting guests and conversations that will keep you stimulated and informed.

Highlight of my week

Balanced, funny, and insightful, Margaret and Amy are the highlight of my week! I never miss an episode!

Best parenting podcast ever

Super funny, relevant. I listen every week, and tell families I work with to listen too!

Lighten your load

I look forward to listening to Amy and Margaret every week. They always make me laugh and smile while delivering sound advice and helpful stories. It’s refreshing to get their nonjudgmental perspectives and it lightens the load of motherhood.

Every mom needs to listen!

I came across this podcast by happenstance and have told all of my friends about it bc this is THE most relatable podcast there is when it comes to parenthood! It is so fun to listen to and these gals play off of each other so well. This is one of those podcasts where you end up in a great mood after listening because they start your day off with smiles and laughs. There’s no shaming different parenting styles but rather a place we can all relate with one another and laugh through the fun or tough stuff together:)

Informative AND funny

Margaret and Amy are the best of both worlds - they provide great information that helps me be a better parent, and have fun while they're at it. Great stuff!

Funny, wise, and relatable!

Margaret and Amy are hilarious and wise and their podcast is what every parent needs right now. I feel like a better parent every time I listen to this - sometimes because of the excellent advice and ideas, sometimes because it just helps to laugh, and sometimes because I realize things aren’t as bad as I had thought. I highly recommend this podcast to every parent who needs to feel supported and encouraged!

Y’all da best

Your podcast helps me reflect on my internal struggle of am I doing a good job as a parent. It makes me feel seen and confirms I’m not alone in the struggle. I appreciate your lighthearted and fun conversations. I highly recommend.

Always there

I love this podcast! Always gives me something to think about or laugh about.

New fave!

Just happened across this randomly a few months ago and started from episode 1. I’m now somewhere in May of 2018 (and it’s September of 2022) but I’m HOOKED. It’s a combination of witty, thoughtful and charming and as a mom of 2 in my 30’s their ideas and insight is insanely helpful! Love, love, love and will definitely try to catch them live if they come my way (Massachusetts).

Moms Rock!

Amy and Margaret (autocorrect wanted me to write Margarita btw) so cheers to that! Anyway, thank you for this fun podcast that I love dearly. Keep doing what you do! Go Moms!!

The podcast has brought zen into my life

I came across this podcast by accident, and what a fortuitous accident it was! I’ve listened to every episode and had takeaways from each. Thank you Amy and Margaret for decreasing my anxiety and bringing awareness that my kids respond better when I’m “calmer”. I laugh more at challenges. I am not alone in this world of parenthood trials, and am so thankful for this podcast.

Spot on

Love this podcast and Margaret and Amy are so spot on in how they describe motherhood and are hilarious in doing it. I love their honesty!


This podcast honestly makes me laugh hard and smile! Thank you for such great conversations

Tons of great content

It’s been a joy to just dig into the vast archive of great content. I’m often surprised by how much I learn about topics that don’t initially feel like they are for me. I find great resources here and love to go read further work by their guests.

Mom Rage

The episode on montage was spot on. I appreciate the transparency of Margaret and the conversation and info was enlightening. As a mom who has definitely experienced mom rage and major guilt behind it, it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. Keep up the awesome conversations, great content and episodes ladies!

So relatable

These women make me feel so normal! Fun ya d down to earth!

Start listening to this podcast now

The *best* parenting podcast.

Recommend to Every Mom

I started listening to WFH about 6 months ago, and now I don’t miss a show. I’m Actually going back thru the archives so I don’t miss anything, they are so funny, real and provide a good range of parenting views. Thanks Margaret & Amy!

Virtual mom friends

Thank you for this podcast, great info plus laughs.


I feel safe here

Can’t get enough!

I am very discerning when it comes to podcasts and how I spend my time, but I cannot get enough of this show. They’re both so grounded, intelligent and hilarious. I could listen to them talk about absolutely anything, but I’m so grateful that the topics are so pertinent to my life right now. Every parent should listen to this show!

Can't say enough good things

I recommend this podcast to all my mom friends...and random moms I meet. 😂 It's my go-to listen while I do any house work or long drives. I'm always excited when a new episode drops and have gone back to old episodes while I wait for the new ones. Margaret and Amy are a great balance of humor, wisdom, & relatability. I never feel judged and always walk away feeling encouraged and validated.

Very relatable in providing practical advice

One of my favorite parenting podcasts. Amy and Margaret are funny and they provide practical advice. I recommended it to my sister in law and she doesn't miss an episode now, her baby is only few months old. Ask Margaret or amy are my favorite too

So great!

I love this show! Not only do they have great experts and real important topics, but do it with a sense of humor and relatability that all moms (or other parents!) can relate to! They make parenting just a little easier.


Great banter and it really helps with parenting


I don’t know if my last review worked! I think it cut off. Anyways, was just saying amy and Margaret are the big sisters I never had. Love them and the pod!

Love both of them!

They both are funny, give great advice. I want to be friends with both of them. They Discuss wide range of topics and always have opinions, facts, and advice. I’ve been bingeing since I found them.

Perfect blend of funny and being real.

I stumbled upon this podcast one day when I was craving more content from a different mom podcast. Today, it’s the one I look forward to the most! Thanks for being so real, entertaining and for giving me a bit of a break from mommying all day as I work from home due to this pandemic!

Funny, witty, sweet

They're hilarious and have great chemistry. If your mom life is missing comedy (aren't we all?!?) this is the show!