Aug. 14, 2020

Our Family Had Covid! Here's How It Went For Us (Bonus Episode)

Amy’s family of 5 had Covid-19 back in March– all “mild” cases, but even in a single household that has meant different things. Here’s how it went down, what Amy has learned, what recovery has looked like, and what to have ready before you need it.

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In our back-to-school episode earlier this week, Amy dropped some big news: her immediate family had Covid-19 back in March.

Thankfully, Amy's family had "mild" or "moderate" cases of coronavirus. (Those terms officially include any course of illness that does not include inpatient hospitalization.)

But even in a single household, their experiences ranged from asymptomatic, to 36 hours of fever, to three weeks in bed, to five months and counting of long-term Covid-related illness.

Because listeners expressed interest in hearing more from a fellow parent who's actually gone through Covid-19, in this episode Margaret interviews Amy on

  • how their symptoms progressed
  • what their recovery has looked like
  • and what she thinks you should have ready at home before you need it

Here's what we want you to know: it's worth it to have your kids wearing masks and taking other precautions. Their risk of serious illness is lower; it's not non-existent.

As always, if you have concerns, discuss them with a medical professional!

To find out more about "long Covid," search "long haul Covid," #longhaulers, or go to

Ed Yong wrote a great overview for The Atlantic: Covid-19 Can Last For Several Months-

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