Nov. 14, 2018

Listener Questions: Fussy Babies, Toddlers, and Squabbling Siblings

We answer a few of our listeners’ most pressing questions: on comforting a really fussy baby, preparing a toddler for a new arrival, and dealing with siblings who squabble constantly. Send us your questions!

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 In this episode we answer these three listener questions:


 how do you prepare your toddler for the birth of a new sibling?

 how do you deal with a particularly fussy baby?

 how do you deal with siblings who fight seriously all the time?


 In response, you just might hear us discuss


why our anxiety about helping our toddler with a new sibling is probably really about our own anxiety

why fussy babies are like the frog from the old Warner Brothers cartoon

why siblings close in age are like a dog and a rooster

why “face-raking” is a thing even though Margaret has never heard of it

how arbitrating a sibling fight is like a lifeguard saving two people from drowning

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