March 25, 2020

How Are We Going to Keep These Kids Busy?

Most of us have a new reality: we have to keep our kids busy. Here are ideas for keeping kids of all ages occupied, both inside and outside, using materials you probably already have around the house— and preferably, without parental oversight.

The Great Stay-Home Experiment continues, and no matter how many kids you have or how old they are, if you're a mom, your life just got more complicated.

This episode is full of ideas for keeping kids busy, both indoors and out, with stuff you probably already have around the house. Some of these projects involve parental setup, but *not* parental participation, which is particularly clutch right now. Grab that videoconference time wherever you can!

Lots of this episode's ideas came from our listeners. Our Facebook group is the perfect community right now! Tons of resources, laughs, and support. Join us!

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