Dec. 22, 2021

BEST OF: Holiday Fails

We asked our listeners to tell us their holiday worsts, and in this "best of " episode we discuss them all, plus a few of our own. Think your holiday season has been a little crazy? Hold our eggnog.

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Experts say happiness is often purer in the anticipation of an event, because the reality can be a little more messy. And at no time of year is that sentiment more true than during the holiday season.

We asked our listeners to tell us their holiday worsts, and in this "best of" episode we discuss them all, plus a few of our own. Hams glazed with norovirus! Toddlers sleeping in airports! Plus everyone's favorite Yuletide novelty song: The Vomiting Christmas Baby!

Why is it that the semi-disastrous memories are the ones we remember best? Either way, we can laugh now, which makes it (almost) all worth it.

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