July 15, 2020

Hitting the Wall: Get Us Off This Coronacoaster!

We are so done with life on the coronacoaster, but we can’t get off this ride yet. We’ve moved past denial to bargaining, hung out in depression- and now we’re doubling back to anger, not feeling the acceptance part so much. We’re hitting the wall.

Even the cheeriest and sunniest of parents are hitting the wall. We're over it. This stinks. Even the most ‘We’ll make a fun obstacle course in the yard!’ moms are suddenly thinking ‘No. NO. I don't want to do this anymore.’”

Somehow we've traveled past denial, to bargaining, then circled back to anger, without seeing so much of the acceptance part. That’s life on the coronacoaster.

We think this is particularly hard for parents, because we have to hold together some semblance of certainty for our kids that everything's going to be fine amidst our own complete uncertainty. Saying "you don't have to be scared" even when we feel scared. Taking on the anxiety and frustration and boredom and irritation of our littles when we haven’t worked out our own.

We don’t have a ton of solutions this week, but we review some rules for zen living and figure out how we might do those a bit more. In the meantime, knowing we’re not alone in feeling this way definitely helps. 

Here are links to the things we discuss in this episode:

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