July 18, 2018

Helping Kids Through Transitions

Whether it's moving to the big boy bed or heading off to high school - transitions are hard. We discuss ways to help kids transition and how to get underneath tough behaviors to figure out what's really going on.

From giving up the pacifier to memorizing a locker combination, growing up is a series of reluctantly-greeted transitions. The ages and challenges change, but the anxiety produced remains familiar. For us too. 

 We’re here to tell you that whatever transition you’re shepherding your kid through, this is not forever. This is just right now. Our sons and daughters will not be sucking their thumbs at prom, so long as we parents get just the right amount of not totally over-involved.

 In this episode, we discuss 


 how to practice transitions early and often

 why transitions are harder for introverts

 the power of magical thinking

 the totally wrong time to introduce the big kid bed

 how forced transitions can lead to “tensional outlets” 

 the importance of peer relationships as kids transition to middle school 

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