Aug. 8, 2018

Friends Without Kids

Once we become parents there’s a great divide (of perspectives, bedtimes, and tolerance of baby videos) between us and our friends without kids. Here’s how to stay connected. Guest: Candace Feit, documentary photographer, kid-free leisurely bruncher.

Once we become parents, there is a great divide— of perspectives, bedtimes, and tolerance of twee photo shoots— between us and our friends without kids. Even the closest of those relationships can suffer as a result. Whose fault that is probably depends on who you’re asking.

 In this episode we talk about


 how to stay connected with our friends without kids

 how to reconnect if we’ve drifted apart

 the ways in which our friends with kids do not get it

 the ways in which friends without kids do not enjoy being told they don’t get it


 Then Margaret talks it out with one of her friends without kids, Candace Feit– documentary photographer, multiple-dog-owner, world traveler, leisurely bruncher. Candy explains once and for all when our friends without kids want to be invited to our kids’ birthday parties and piano recitals, and when they most certainly do not.

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