June 4, 2021

Fresh Take: Future Focused Parenting With Kira Dorrian and Deana Thayer

Kira Dorrian and Deana Thayer are the co-founders of Future Focused Parenting, the philosophy that starts with the end in mind. They explain how future-focused parenting can make daily parenting decisions clearer, both for ourselves and for our kids.

Kira Dorrian and Deana Thayer are parent coaches and authors who are passionate about preparing families to thrive on their parenting journeys.

They're the co-founders of Future Focused Parenting, the parenting philosophy that starts with the end in mind, thereby encouraging families to make intentional parenting choices.

They are also co-hosts of the Raising Adults Podcast where they discuss parenting with a long-range view.

In this "Fresh Take" interview, Kira and Dorrian explain the benefits of future-focused parenting, and how it can make our daily parenting decisions clearer– both for ourselves and for our kids.

Follow Kira and Deana, and find out more about their work, at http://bit.ly/raisingadultspodcast.

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