April 21, 2023

Fresh Take: Dr. Tish Taylor on Fostering Connection with Our Kids

What do we do when it seems like every interaction with our kids is negative? Dr. Tish Taylor, author of "Fostering Connection," explains some strategies for building connection into our relationships with our kids in an authentic way.

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How do we maintain connection with our kids when they're busy slamming doors or talking back to us and we are all sick and tired of each other? Dr. Tish Taylor, author of "Fostering Connection," gives us some tips for diagnosing and troubleshooting problematic elements in our relationships with our kids.

Dr. Tish Taylor is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in the greater Kansas City area. She has an established practice specializing in clinical assessment and the mental health treatment of children and teens.

Margaret and Dr. Taylor discuss:

  • The difference between disconnection with teens and natural cleaving from us as they age
  • How to start to address disconnection with our kids, and why quantifying interactions works
  • Dr. Taylor's "Who's Showing Up" system

Here's where you can find Dr. Taylor:

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