Nov. 13, 2020

Fresh Take: Calysta Watson on "Food Memories" and Dealing With Food Allergies

Is there a path for reluctant home cooks to become joyful ones? How do we create “food memories” with our children and encourage healthy eating, even when dealing with food allergies and restrictions? Guest: Calysta Watson of Epicurean Therapy.

In our latest “Fresh Take" episode we’re talking to Calysta Watson, creator of Epicurean Therapy.

Calysta combines her love of cooking and her training as a LCSW and psychotherapist to create awareness of the connection between food and our mental and emotional health. As a mom raising a child with multiple anaphylactic food allergies, Calysta also talks about the challenge of enjoying creating meals and making great food memories with our kids, no matter the obstacles.

In this episode we discuss

  • what the obstacles are to us enjoying creating meals for our families
  • how to avoid using food as a punishment or a reward
  • how to create "food memories" our children will carry with them
  • how to make food work for kids with specific food challenges (from rigid preferences to serious food allergies)

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