Nov. 20, 2020

Fresh Take: Ali Wentworth on Pandemic Family Survival

We talk to Ali Wentworth, host of the "Go Ask Ali" podcast, all about raising teens during a pandemic. Ali tells us about having Covid, how she and spouse George Stephanopoulos split the lockdown workload, and how she’s giving her kids room to grow.

In our latest “Fresh Take” episode we’re talking to Ali Wentworth, host of the "Go Ask Ali" podcast. If you're raising teens during this pandemic, you definitely want Ali's funny, wise, and useful interviews with experts on your podcast playlist!

Ali Wentworth is perhaps best known from her iconic roles in Jerry MaguireOffice Space, and Seinfeld. She’s the host of the Daily Shot on Yahoo!, has also written several books filled with wry self-help observations and tips, and regularly stops by Good Morning America to chat with hubby George Stephanopoulos. Ali and George have two teenage daughters.

In this episode we discuss

  • Ali's family's experience with Covid
  • how to parent teenagers during a pandemic
  • how to create "space" in your relationship when you're stuck together 24/7
  • just how much ice cream is allowed during lockdown

Follow Ali on Instagram @therealaliwentworth and find the "Go Ask Ali" podcast here:

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