Aug. 17, 2022

Changing the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Our brains are wired for story. That doesn’t mean that the stories we tell ourselves are always accurate–or that the alternative stories others may have are necessarily wrong. Here’s how to identify–and change–the stories we tell ourselves.

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We are the protagonist in our own story, but what happens when we become the antagonist in stories we weren't even aware of? Or when we assign antagonist roles to unsuspecting partners or kids? Amy and Margaret discuss why we as humans need to tell ourselves stories, when the stories we tell ourselves might stop serving us, and how we can change the stories we tell ourselves.

In this episode, Amy and Margaret discuss:

  • why our brains are willing to ignore what doesn't fit our preconceived narratives [7:00]
  • the concept of cognitive mediation, which is how stories are created 20:19]
  • "taking things less personally" and the better approach to avoid feeling wounded by others' stories [28:06]
  • how to rediscover the agency we have over the stories we tell ourselves [38:15]

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the episode:

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