Jan. 28, 2022

Fresh Take: Cara Harvey on Real Productivity

Getting more done isn’t about hustling harder, wanting it more, or stuffing more errands on our calendars. Cara Harvey, author of THE 15-MINUTE FORMULA, says it’s about becoming specific about goals, then aligning our productivity with what matters.

Cara Harvey is a mom empowerment coach who provides women with the tools, resources, and community to empower themselves, find their happiness, and live a life by design. Her new book is THE 15-MINUTE FORMULA: HOW BUSY MOMS CAN DITCH THE GUILT, SAY YES TO WHAT MATTERS, AND CONQUER THEIR GOALS.

In this interview, we discuss

  • what "hustle culture" gets wrong about getting things done
  • how becoming *less* attached to our calendars can help us be more productive
  • why 15 minutes might be the perfect-sized block of time to really move us toward our goals, whether they're professional, family-focused, or personal

Find Cara on Instagram: @apurposedrivenmom

Get a free "action guide" here: https://the15minuteformula.com/free/

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