Dec. 14, 2020

Ask Margaret - When Your Parent-Teacher Conference Doesn't Go So Well

Margaret talks about parent-teacher conferences and why it’s important to remember that you, as the parent, aren’t the one being graded.

This week Margaret’s talking about parent-teacher conferences, after writing about her own most recent conferences on our social media.

At one of the conferences, Margaret heard amazing things: her child is thriving, reading above grade-level, adored by all. 

But she's also had conferences when she heard her kids were struggling, not sitting still, NOT performing at grade level.

(Amy has also had both kinds of parent-teacher conferences, by the way.)

Some kids are built for school, and they will thrive in that environment. Others will find it much harder. But your kid’s A-plus, or C-minus, is not your own. As a parent, you're in communication with the teacher as an advocate for your kids, but you’re not there to make sure your kid's school experience– or life– turns out perfectly.

It's crucial to keep that in mind when we have parent-teacher conferences: we’re not there to find out whether WE passed the test.

Link to Margaret's thoughts here:

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