March 7, 2022

Ask Margaret - Should I Take My Kids to Disney World?

Some families are "all Disney all the time". Some prefer “one and done.” And for some folks the very idea is a "nope, never". Margaret talks about her own family’s recent trip to Disney World and her ideas on making your own family's trip a success.

Listeners have been discussing their trips to Disney World on the What Fresh Hell Facebook Group, and Jillian posed this question:

"I’d love to hear a Disney episode: if you’ve been, if you are Disney people who go frequently, or are you a one and done type or a 'that’s a hard no' type?"

Good timing! Margaret recently took her family for their "one and done" trip to Disney World.

The biggest takeaway? Save early and save often for your Disney trip. Disney is one of those places where the more you spend the better your experience... and also one of those places where just when you think you're finished spending money, it's time to spend more money!

Margaret and her family invested in the Genie+ Pass which saved them lots of long wait times. The pass is great for skipping lines, but it activates at 7 a.m., so be ready to set your alarm for 6:30 and be poised with your finger over the app. (And to access your inner zen when it's overloaded and you can't get in!)

Margaret worked with a Disney Travel Planner and stayed at the The Boardwalk Inn. Staying in a Disney property meant early access to the parks (great for getting on popular rides like "Rise of the Resistance" first thing in the morning) and was great because there were lots of activities for the kids. including a nightly outdoor movie showing.

Overall Margaret highly recommends a Disney World vacation– as long as you keep in mind that as vacations go, it's not that relaxing. Using the Genie+ app means early wake ups every day, and there's so much walking.

But even for a Disney skeptic like Margaret the week was hectic but magical... which means her family may not be "one and done" after all!

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