Oct. 17, 2022

Ask Margaret: Planning a Family RV Trip

Have you ever thought about doing an RV trip with your family? If not you might be saner than Margaret - who did one with her three kids, but if so - here are all of Margaret's know-before-you-go tips.

Thinking about planning a long-distance road trip for your family in an RV? Not sure where to start?

Julie on Facebook asks:

My kid wants to do an RV trip next summer. We live in Ohio and have no specific destinations in mind yet. But any resources to help us learn the ropes and pitfalls ahead of time would be greatly appreciated.

When she went on a six-day RV trip with her family, Margaret learned some easy and some DEFINITELY not so easy lessons about road trips with kids. Hint: less is definitely more!

Margaret rented her RV from cruiseamerica.com (not a sponsor, btw)

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