Feb. 6, 2023

Ask Margaret: Is It Normal to Feel This Lonely?

Are you overwhelmed by life with little ones, worried that you will never feel like an actual person again? We're here from the future to tell you it gets better.

Is the never-ending work and exhaustion and loneliness of parenting small children getting to you? You're not alone– but better days are coming.

Jordyn in our Facebook group asks:

"I have a three-year-old and 9-month-old. Is it normal to feel lonely all the time? Feel somewhat bored and left out? Feel like a non person? From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, I'm DOING for the kids, for the house, for the job, for the husband. I know I'm supposed to make time for myself but when? Wake up at 4am after being up with my baby all night? Will I ever go back to a human person? Or now that I have two kids, should I settle into this new normal? How long? 5 years? 10? I'm so anxious to feel well rested, feel pretty, feel healthy, be social and ENJOY my kids. I'm so tired."

Margaret explains that once your kids go to school full time, your life changes for the better. Even if it feels like there's no end in sight to putting your kids' needs first every single second, there will come a day when you can leave the house sans kids with REAL pants and maybe even some earrings!

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