April 3, 2023

Ask Margaret: Help! My Boys Won't Stop Roughhousing

Do you feel like you're constantly playing referee for your kids' endless physical play? Margaret explains that less interference is actually more when it comes to (safe) roughhousing amongst our own kids.

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How do you keep your very active kids safe when they constantly want to roughhouse with each other? Someone in our Facebook group asks:

Boy moms… help! The fighting, the yelling, the running, hitting, jumping, climbing…I have a 4.5yo and a 3 yo… Any advice or tips? We separate them to different levels when it gets out of hand. Or we say any running needs to happen outside, but it’s difficult to execute when I’m home alone (which is often). How do you all handle it?

Margaret, who has two boys of her own who love roughhousing, explains the house rules around the "sport" that work for her family.

There are actually a lot of benefits to letting kids roughhouse with each other once there are certain safety parameters in place. It gives kids the joy of physical touch, the opportunity to explore and set boundaries, and the benefit (for you!) of tiring them out! You may find that MORE, not less, roughhousing is just the ticket for your active kids!

Here are links to the resources Margaret references:

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