Dec. 20, 2021

Ask Amy: Tips for Flying With Little Ones

Flying with little ones this holiday season? We’ve got tips for what to pre-load on your phone, how to get little ones to keep masks on, and how to decide whether you want to get on the plane first– or absolutely last.

Flying with little ones for the holidays? It's always a little extra complicated, and even more so this year. This week Diane asks:

My husband and I are flying from Philadelphia to Texas. My kids have never flown before. Any advice for air travel with little kids?

Amy says the two keys to successful flights with little ones are preparation and options, and in this episode she explains

  • how to know for sure what your kid will have to watch before you get on the plane
  • why you might actually want to be the LAST ones on the plane (not the first)
  • how mask compliance gets easier when little one's hands are busy
  • and why you can never have too many Ziploc bags.

Two other resources mentioned in this episode:

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