Dec. 19, 2022

Ask Amy: My Kid Doesn't Hide "Gift Disappointment" Well

Do you have an in-law who tends to give your child presents that they don't necessarily love? It's not easy dealing with unwanted gifts from relatives, but with some patience and guidance, we can help our kids navigate these situations.

If your child gets gifts they don't like from well-meaning family members, it can be difficult to navigate. The last thing we want to do is hurt our loved one's feelings, but we also need to teach our kids how best to handle this situation.

Listener Gabbi wrote in to say:

"Last year my 5-year-old daughter got a Christmas gift from my in-laws – a monogrammed chair for her room. They were excited about it and she was obviously not, and I had to smooth over hurt feelings later. Is there any way to help a handle the disappointment of receiving an unwanted present without making it too obvious?"

Amy explains that when someone gives your child a present, it is important for them to recognize that this gift was given out of love and kindness. Even if they don't love the gift itself, they can still appreciate the kind gesture behind it. And you can always suggest or even purchase a gift yourself for your family member to give your child!


Sheila Hanson for Popsugar: "These 5 Words Changed the Way My Kids Receive Gifts"

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