Oct. 19, 2020

Ask Amy- My First-Grader is Giving Me Homework Grief

A listener's first-grader is already totally burned out on homework. Amy offers tips on motivation (and a little pandemic compassion).

This week's question is from Melissa, who says:

Sweet mother of pearl, my five-year-old is in grade 1 and I’m already getting a LOAD of sass at homework time.

Things I have tried and said to make it go more smoothly:

1. Telling him: “Everyone in your class is doing their homework right now too"

2. Sending him straight to bed after supper for yelling at me during homework... twice

3. Positivity and encouragement

4. Reasoning with him: “homework will be done as soon as you write out your words twice”

5. “Would you act like this with your teacher?”

6. Pure bribery- candy and/or tablet time.

Help- I need some new ideas!

Melissa doesn't say whether her son is attending school in person or remotely. Either way, the pandemic offers unique challenges that make the school day even more exhausting than usual, particularly for a first-grader who is only five.

Amy offers some tips on making homework time less of a burden for kids and parents, including some great ideas offered by our listeners. There's also room for a whole lot of compassion here, especially right now. A five-year-old might just be too exhausted or overwhelmed to meet these expectations. Especially right now, our children's emotional health is more important than one more math worksheet.

Amy also references our episode on homework, which you can find here:


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