Aug. 31, 2020

Ask Amy- I Feel Guilty Not Playing With My Only Child Right Now

A listener dreads “playing pretend” with her 3-year-old. But her child is an only child, and right now she is that child’s only playmate. How can she put limits on it without disappointing her child? How can she enjoy the playtime they do have more?

Amy answers this week's question:

"I’m the mom of a three-year-old only child and I HATE playing pretend. I understand that our parents didn’t play pretend with us. I understand that under normal circumstances it isn’t necessary for parents to play pretend with their kids. But I'm raising an only-child in the midst of a pandemic where there aren’t any other social outlets besides myself and It makes me feel like I’ve entered into a bad improv class that I can’t escape. HELP!"

Under normal circumstances, parents can (and should) push back on the expectation that they be their children's constant playmates. But right now, things are different. Here are some strategies on how to make the playtime you spend with your child more enjoyable, as well as some ways to make the times you have to say 'no' easier for your child.

In this episode, Amy.mentions Dr. Lawrence Cohen's book Playful Parenting 

as well as our episode "Do We Really Have To Play With Our Kids? When Parenting Feels Relentless"

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