Jan. 30, 2023

Ask Amy: How Do I Prepare My Kids for Leaving Them for the Weekend?

How do you explain to your kids that going away for the weekend doesn't mean you're leaving them forever? Amy explains how to "rebrand" your trip to minimize separation anxiety and toddler tears.

Leaving your kids for the first time in, well, forever? Getting anxious about how saying farewell will fly? A listener wrote in to say:

"My spouse and I are planning to leave our kids for the weekend for the first time (they're 6, 5, and 3). what's the best way to prepare them? 2 of my kids- yes, including the oldest- cry if I'm going out to dinner. We'll be leaving really early on Saturday morning- do I get them up to say goodbye? Is that a bad idea? How long beforehand do I tell them- or is this something best addressed at the last minute?"

Rebranding your trip as a special time for your kids may help assuage some of the anxiety they may feel at your leaving. Ultimately, these short trips away are a good reminder for you and your kids that they can be without you and still have a good time!


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