Jan. 3, 2018

We’re Feeling Goal-y (Our Resolutions for the New Year)

In this episode we are here to *win 2018*, whether through Amy's Word For the Year ("Clarify") or Margaret's Phrase For These Times ("Say Yes to Less"). We vow not to confuse being busy with being worthy. We also vow to drink more water. Join us!

It’s a new year, and we’ve got goals. Some of them are perhaps the same as last year, but Margaret says that 2018 is all about Widening the Window of Acceptability. Isn’t that a lovely notion? If redefined to include regular ambulatory activity, “get in shape” might indeed be something we accomplish this year.

Either way, we are here to *win 2018*, whether through Amy’s Word For the Year (“Clarify”) or Margaret’s Phrase For These Times (“Say Yes to Less”). In this episode we both agree to avoid the Cookie Committee, or whatever it is we really don’t want to get roped into this year, by taking Brené Brown’s advice of choosing discomfort over resentment.

Here’s what else one or both of us hereby swears to do on the record in this episode:

* read more books (Margaret says she’ll read 30 in 2018)

* drink two glasses of water with lemon every morning (okay this one might be just Amy)

* meditate

* organize kid-free time

* soften into with-kids time

* dock our phones in the kitchen at night

Here’s links to some other sources of inspiration discussed in this episode:

for stuck creatives: Jon Acuff’s book Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done

for those in a tough moment: David Foster Wallace’s  “This is Water”

for those of us who tend to conflate busy-ness with worthiness: this clip of Joan Rivers from “A Piece of Work”

to make meditation easier: the Headspace app

to read more articles instead of your Facebook feed: the Pocket app

What are your 2018 goals? We want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments!






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