Sept. 23, 2020

Things We Can't Live Without (Fall 2020)

Here are the snacks, shows, accessories, and blankets that get us through the days right now. Some for our kids; most are just for us. Have something you can’t live without? Tell us in the FB group:

By popular request, we're back with another list of the things that are getting us through the days right now. Some of these are for our kids (since a happily occupied kid equals a mom with one less problem). Some of these are just for us.

Here are links to the some of the must-haves we discuss. If your podcast app doesn't support hyperlinks, you can also find this list at

The Vow

Uncover podcast

Gorilla Gym

Slack line

Etsy shops like Speck Custom Woodwork

Kids' subscription kits like KiwiCo

Wall-hanging file folders

Wireless earbuds that don't cost $100

Mini trampoline  

Zero gravity chair 

Pendleton blanket

Weighted blanket 

Pete’s A Pizza by William Steig

Totally Rudy's DIY American Girl YouTube channel

Selling Sunset (Margaret's current "secret shame show")

AllTrails app

Disclosure: some of the above links are affiliate links, and What Fresh Hell may receive commissions for purchases made through them. But these are all products we highly recommend!

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