May 8, 2018

Summer Plans

It takes a lot of juggling to schedule 10 weeks of summer freedom- not to mention cash. America spends about $18 billion dollars on “summer enrichment” every year. Here’s how to keep your kids the right amount of occupied without breaking the bank.

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Anyone else feeling the stress of the summer countdown? It takes a lot of juggling to schedule ten weeks of summer freedom for our kids, and it’s not cheap, either.

 As a nation we spend about $18 billion on camps and other summer enrichments for our kids every year. That’s nuts. But left to their own devices, our kids will be on their devices. So what’s a parent to do? 

In this episode we discuss 


ways to keep your kids occupied this summer without spending a lot of money

how to find the right balance of structure and laziness

how to create screen-free environments in a world where there aren’t many


Here’s where we come out: Plan something. Not too much. Mostly fun. 

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