Aug. 26, 2020

Okay, We Might Have Overthought That One

All mothers overthink sometimes. Isn’t that the exact assignment the world gives us? Only to then mock us relentlessly for having done so? But yes, we admit: here are a few of the parenting topics that, looking back, we just MAY have overthought.

All mothers overthink sometimes. But isn’t that our job description? To look at our baby and whatever she’s holding and think: how is she going to injure, burn, ruin or cause disaster to herself by interacting with that object?

There’s an industrial complex set up around motherhood that makes its money when we feel off-balance and insecure. If we “want what’s best” for our baby, then shouldn’t we make sure that everything around him is superlative? 

Then the rest of society mocks us relentlessly for the very helicoptering and overthinking that all those stories about murder hornets caused us to undergo in the first place. 

But okay, yes: from redshirting to breastfeeding to left-handed scissors, here are are a few of the parenting topics that, looking back, we and our listeners just MIGHT have overthought. 

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