Feb. 17, 2021

Moms Are Not Okay

As we come up on the one-year anniversary of a crisis we thought would take a couple of weeks, let's face it: all of us moms are falling apart. How’s it going at our houses? Not great. But here’s what is helping us survive and getting us through.

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How we doing, moms? If you're anything like us, your domestic situation has blown past “getting old” to “seriously guys, we cannot do this anymore” to fetal-position numbness and beyond. And there’s nothing for dinner, and the 5th grader is failing math, and our boss just asked if that wasn’t “someone’s kid” he just heard on the background of our work Zoom call. (Why yes. Yes, it was.)

The New York Times recently released a series called “The Primal Scream” examining the pandemic’s effect on working moms in America. As we come up on the one-year anniversary of this crisis we thought would take a couple of weeks, let's face it: all moms are kind of falling apart. As Dekeda Brown, a mother of two profiled in the Times’ stories, explains: 

“We are holding together with the same tape that we have been using since March.” 

In this episode, we discuss how it’s going for us (not great) and offer a few solutions for making this Groundhog-Day time a tad more survivable. 

Here are some of the articles we mention in this episode:

Jessica Bennett for NYT: Three American Mothers, On The Brink


Jessica Grose for NYT: America’s Mothers Are In Crisis


Laurel Elder: Parenthood and Politics in the Era of Covid-19


Pooja Lakshmin for NYT: How Society Has Turned Its Back On Mothers


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