Oct. 25, 2017

Is This Battle Worth Fighting?

Our Facebook followers shared with us what battles they’re currently fighting at home— or choosing not to. Are clashing outfits best left ignored? Are dishes in the sink a spouse’s passive-aggressive call to arms? Here’s what’s worth fighting about.

 A couple weeks ago, we asked our friends on our Facebook page to tell us what battles they’re currently fighting in their homes— or choosing not to.

As we all know, there are some parenting buttons our children push that are perhaps best left ignored. Then there are dishes left in the sink instead of the immediately adjacent dishwasher, which we believe we have no choice but to interpret as a spouse’s call to arms.

In this episode we decide once and for forevermore which of the following battles are worth fighting:

* messy playrooms

* messy kids’ rooms

* food outside the kitchen

* co-sleeping children

* co-sleeping pets

* matching outfits (for school, church, family weddings)

* shorts in the winter

* picky eating

* hats at the dinner table

* saying “like” like, every third word

Even if a battle is worth— let’s say “skirmishing”— there are more and less productive ways of making your point, and in this episode we lay out what does and doesn’t work for us.

We also love Stephanie Dolgoff’s article for Parenting: How To Choose Your Battles.

Stephanie suggests creating a short “family-values list” of non-negotiable points (like no name-calling) in a non-confrontational moment. And when all else fails, don’t be afraid to compromise. As Stephanie writes,

“When [your kids] see you work out what’s really important, they learn how to work out for themselves what’s really important.”

See that? Choose your battles, and you just might win a few.

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