Sept. 19, 2018

Hand-Me-Downs, Keepsakes, and Too Much Stuff

The toys, keepsakes, hand-me-downs, and art projects our kids create could fill a dumpster. Weekly. Whether you’re a sentimentalist who keeps every finger-painted masterpiece or a ruthless minimalist, here’s how to create systems to tame the stuff.

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If you’ve got kids, you’ve got too much stuff. Here’s how our listener Holly put it:

 “With kids, there is truly no end to the influx of toys, keepsakes and clothes coming in, plus things they’ve outgrown that need to go out.

 My three kids range in age from one to nine years old, and I struggle with what items to save for the baby to grow into. Do I really want to hold onto pajamas for him to grow into six years? The sentimentality of it all weighs on me, too.

 The constant mental space this process consumes is definitely my biggest consistent downer as a mom.”

 Fear not: we are here to help! In this episode we discuss


 why it can be actually, physically painful to throw things away

 why decorative baskets are actually the worst

 why the giveaway and hand-me-down bins should be right in your kids’ closets

 the unpronounceable but useful “RFASR” declutter formula

why sentimentality is in the eye of the beholder

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