Jan. 13, 2023

Fresh Take: Ophira Eisenberg on Why Parenting Is a Joke

What are the magical tidbits that they should teach in parenting classes but don't? We talked with comedian and writer Ophira Eisenberg about what parenting classes would include, her new podcast "Parenting Is a Joke," and why kids put their knees in pies.

Ophira Eisenberg is a Canadian-born standup comedian and writer. You may remember Ophira as the host of NPR’s comedy trivia show Ask Me Another. Ophira is also a regular host and teller with The Moth and her stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour and in their best-selling books. Her comedy special Inside Joke is available on Amazon and iTunes. Ophira is also a parent to a 6-year-old and the host of the new comedy podcast Parenting Is A Joke co-produced by iHeart Radio and Pretty Good Friends Productions. 

Ophira, Amy, and Margaret discuss:

  • Mom worsts
  • Airport teddy bears
  • The gray area between being wildly successful and quitting

Here's where you can find Ophira:

  • @ophirae on Twitter and IG
  • Parenting Is A Joke: http://prettygoodfriends.com/parenting
  • Instagram & FB: @parentingisajoke
  • Twitter: @parentingjoke

Ophira’s new solo show "Leaving A Mark: A Comedy About Scars” blends all the rawness, vulnerability, and immediacy of first-person storytelling along with sharp standup. Ophira tells harrowing and hilarious stories about acquiring and living with the dozens of scars that cover her body while the definitions of beauty, body acceptance, and the journey between broken and whole, injured and healed are explored. 

February 2-4, 9-11, 16-17 at Soho Playhouse.

More info & tickets: https://ci.ovationtix.com/35583/production/1148355?utm_source=theatermania&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=tmlisting

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