July 29, 2022

Fresh Take: Ericka Souter on How to Have a Kid and a Life

Do you have a social life outside of your kids? Are you nurturing your partnership? Are you overwhelmed just asking these questions? Journalist Ericka Souter discusses her new book, full of concrete solutions for creating a life outside of kids.

Ericka Sóuter has over 20 years of journalism experience and is a regular contributor on Good Morning America and other national broadcast outlets. Ericka speaks to parents across the country about the issues, controversies, and trends most affecting families today. She's also the author of How to Have a Kid and Life: a Survival Guide.

In this episode, Ericka and Margaret discuss:

  • the greatest predictor of kids' socioemotional wellbeing [10:00]
  • the six questions you should ask yourself every year [16:00]
  • the "mom gene" [35:30]

Here's where to find Ericka:

@erickasouter on IG

@erickasouter on Twitter

@soundstrue on IG

Order Erica's book here.

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