April 14, 2023

Fresh Take: Dr. Lynn Koegel on the Hidden Brilliance of Autism

What if we focused on the strengths of kids with autism rather than getting caught up in their perceived shortcomings or differing needs? Dr. Lynn Koegel, author of HIDDEN BRILLIANCE, discusses how to go about it.

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What if we're looking at autism in the wrong way? Dr. Lynn Koegel, co-author of Hidden Brilliance: Unlocking the Intelligence of Autism, explains how to engage with the strengths in kids with autism rather than focusing on what they're lacking.

Dr. Lynn Koegel is a clinical professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. She and her husband developed Pivotal Response Treatment which focuses on motivation. She has been supporting autistic individuals for more than 40 years.

Dr. Koegel and Margaret discuss:

  • Why we're focusing on the wrong things when we assess kids with autism
  • The power of peer support
  • Connecting authentically with kids with autism

Dr. Koegel explains that professionals are often trained to look at what's "wrong" with children with autism rather than what's right. It helps to look at the differences in children with autism, as Margaret likes to say, as morally neutral.

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