Jan. 6, 2023

Fresh Take: Cindy Muchnick of Parent Compass

Is there a happy medium between doing everything for our kids and letting them run feral? Cindy Muchnick, author of THE PARENT COMPASS, explains how setting our own intentional course as parents is the key.

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Cindy Muchnick is the author of THE PARENT COMPASS: Navigating Your Teen's Wellness & Academic Journey in Today's Competitive World. Cindy has been working in education for the past 25+ years as a former Assistant Director of College Admission, high school teacher, and educational consultant. Cindy is also a mother of three sons and a daughter, now ages 16 to 24.

In this interview Cindy, Amy, and Margaret discuss:

  • The "true north" of the Parent Compass
  • How to assess when you should and shouldn't intervene in our child's life
  • How to reframe what success means for our kids

To help our kids thrive, we first have to follow our own compasses as parents and investigate why we parent the way we do. This self-reflection helps us help our kids - which sometimes means helping them less.

Here's where you can find Cindy:

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