March 28, 2018

Did We Really Do That?

We’ve all done things as parents that, looking back, we can’t believe. Breastfeeding twins. Writing thank you notes in the baby’s voice. Here’s some of our (and our listeners’) supermom accomplishments— and more than a few super-foolish notions.

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We’ve all done things as parents that, looking back, we can’t believe. Sometimes they are supermom-type accomplishments that defy easy explanation: did I really have three kids in diapers at the same time? Did I really get through airport security with those same three children, and unassisted? 

 Then there are the decisions that in retrospect seem foolish at best: did I really wake a sleeping infant every three hours? Did I also make a tiny sign to hang from the car seat, reminding strangers to wash their hands, as if it were a cartoon speech bubble coming directly from my baby’s mouth? 

 We asked our listeners for their “did I really do that?” moments and got plenty of each version. In this episode we put them all on the table– and also interview two women who may or may not have done a few silly things themselves: Amy’s mom and Margaret’s Aunt Terry.

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