Feb. 2, 2022

Back to Ones (And Why They're Better Than Goals)

Tired of setting New Year’s goals every January? How about some “back to ones” in February? No expectation of perfection, no frustration you didn’t get it all right, no exasperation that what you’re trying to fix is always the same. Of course it is.

We've long been proponents of a "back to one" instead of a goal. On a movie set, the assistant director yells "Back to one!" after a take of a scene, so that everything can be perfectly reset to its starting point for another crack at the same scene. There's no judgment; of course you're going to do more than one take. Of course you're going to try to fix whatever didn't go right, and learn from your previous tries. Going back to one isn't setting a goal or expecting perfection; it's just what happens next.

Our listener Dana recently proposed this in our Facebook group:

"2/1 Back to One! "Help me make it a thing. I'm not ready for resolutions on January 1. The tree is still up, the holiday sweets are still around, and the kids are still off school. I think February 1st is the perfect day to start good habits for the upcoming year.

We heartily approve this notion! No New Year's resolutions this year for us, but in this episode, we discuss the gentle resets that we and our listeners are creating in different areas of our lives this February and beyond.

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