Nov. 23, 2020

Ask Margaret - My Child is Terrified of the Doctor's Office

A listener asks how to help her preschooler be less frightened of trips to see the pediatrician.

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This week our listener Raya asks, "How do I deal with a 4-year-old who is afraid to go to any doctor's office?"

Doctors' offices are scary! There are shots, there's vulnerability, and there's an adult in charge who might be really intimidating to a little one.

No kid is ever going to dance off to the pediatrician. The goal is to make your child's experience as manageable as possible– by communicating openly about why the visit is necessary, discussing what is going to happen during the visit, and placing a little emphasis on the reward (okay, you might call it a bribe) that your little one can look forward to for good behavior.

Margaret quotes this article in this episode :"Fear of Doctors" (

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