Jan. 9, 2023

Ask Margaret: Help! I Have Mom FOMO

Worried that your kids are missing out on magical experiences you've been neglecting to provide them with? Here's how to put your "Mom FOMO" at ease.

Does it feel like everyone else's child is petting golden retrievers in flowered fields while yours are crying in a pile of Cheerios on the floor? Mom FOMO - the fear that you're not giving your kids the positive experiences that all of their peers are getting - is real. Here are some concrete ways to address it.

This week's question comes from Amy in our Facebook group:

"Ok moms how do you all handle FOMO? Avoid social media? Any advice? This is mainly pertaining to things my kids might be missing out on. Experiences, activities, etc."

Margaret discusses some favorite answers to this question from WFH listeners, including JOMO, curating your social media feed to exclude particularly triggering posters, and, Margaret's favorite, list-making.

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Read all of the answers to Amy's question in the original thread

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